Polycom Telepresence Technology Integrates with Microsoft UC

A strong proponent of IP communications interoperability, Polycom has introduced videoconferencing control technology that works with a number of Microsoft apps.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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"Video conference vendor Polycom introduced Monday new technology for setting up telepresence conference sessions while also touting how its technology integrates with Microsoft's Unified Communications platform," writes Network World's Robert Mullins.

"Polycom has been making video conference systems for years and has recently introduced more advanced "immersive telepresence" systems with high-definition video and screens large enough to make participants at a distant location appear life-size and seemingly in the same room as those participating locally," Mullins writes

"In introducing its new Immersive Telepresence OTX HD 300 series, Polycom made a point of highlighting its "deep native integration with unified communications systems" (lower case, meaning all brands), but we spent a lot of time talking about Microsoft's Unified Communications (UC), the brand name," Mullins continues.

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How Microsoft helps Polycom and vice versa

This article was originally published on Jun 8, 2010
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