SMB Owner: Should I Switch to VoIP?

Most likely driving factors are cost, failing system, expiring licensing, and movingto new offices.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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"With all the industry talk surrounding the benefits of Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), it can be confusing when trying to evaluate whether or not the small business owner should view this technology as a possible benefit for his organization. In a recent VoIP Insider blog, the writer examines what small business owners should evaluate before they are able to make a definite change," writes TMCnet contributing editor Susan J. Campbell.

"For most companies, the interest in moving to a VoIP environment is driven by one or more of three key factors: the existing system is failing or the licensing is set to expire; the company is moving offices and planning out the details of that move; or maybe the company is paying too much for phone service and is seeking to explore other options," Campbell writes.

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Things to Consider Before Moving Your Small Business to VoIP

This article was originally published on Jul 16, 2010
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