Verizon Business Certifies ADTRAN's NetVanta 6310

Modular IP business/VoIP gateway selected for deployment with VZs IP Integrated Access voice/data service in Europe, U.S.

 By Ted Stevenson
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Huntsville, Alabama-based networking infrastructure provider ADTRAN is well known for its highly integrated, highly cost-effective NetVanta IP business gateways—boxes that combine voice, data, and multiple other networking functions and devices into a single unit with a single interface and operating system.

The latest endorsement of a NetVanta gateway—specifically the NetVanta 6310—comes from Verizon Business and covers both that provider's U.S. and European markets.

The NetVanta 6310 is a PBX-less 'younger sibling' of the flagship NetVanta 7100, which Enterprise VoIPplanet.com has written about here and here.

The NetVanta 6310 is designed for the small or medium-size business that wants to leverage the benefits of converged IP-based voice and data services while still retaining its existing PBX or key system—hence the absence of built-in PBX functionality.

All the rest of the NetVanta telecom capability is there, however, including SIP telephony gateway, support for IP, analog, and digital phone/systems, modems, analog fax machines, and wireless access points. Also built into the system is dynamic bandwidth allocation for quality of service, and some voice-centric network monitoring and MOS (mean opinion score—a standard technique for measuring the quality of phone calls) prediction software.

On the IP data networking side, the NetVanta 6310 includes Ethernet interface, router, and firewall—as well as built-in virtual private networking (VPN) capability.

"ADTRAN is known for the high quality and value of its product line," said Jim Tyrrell, vice president of marketing for Verizon’s global business voice solutions. “In combination with Verizon Business’s own integrated access services, we are able to quickly and easily help small and medium-size businesses realize the network and operational efficiencies provided by Verizon VoIP. The end result for them is increased productivity and enhanced competitive advantage that is of strategic importance to all business customers."

Stuart Curzon, group vice president for international sales Verizon Business EMEA, said: "ADTRAN brings real choice to customers of our European VoIP integrated access solution. It offers a cost-effective way for small and medium-size businesses and enterprises to migrate to VoIP at their own pace."

“We are pleased to expand our role as a strategic vendor for Verizon Business," said ADTRAN director of strategy, Enterprise Networks Division, Dennis Gatens, in a statement. "Strengthening our role with partners such as Verizon Business is a key element of our continued success as a leading global provider of converged IP solutions."

This article was originally published on Sep 11, 2009
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