XConnect Joins Initiative to Boost HD Voice in UK

Together with Polycom, BroadSoft, and Dialogic, the IP registry and interconnection services provider seeks to promote adoption of high-definition VoIP.

 By Ted Stevenson
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London-based XConnect, one of the premier providers of carrier ENUM registry and IP interconnection services, has been on a sustained push to move high-definition (HD) voice—the auditory equivalent of HDTV—from the theoretical world into the real world.

In January of this year, XConnect announced it had formed a peering federation specifically for service providers capable of supporting HD voice. Also announced was a cost-free trial period, wherein those providers could try out the interoperability, scalable interconnection, reliability, and support of its federation services. See our coverage here.)

Today, XConnect it is joining forces with pioneer HD phone provider Polycom, IP communications software and services provider BroadSoft, and signaling technology provider Dialogic to up the ante on HD in the UK.

"The U.K. is ripe for HD voice due to increasing migration to IP and the quest among service providers to differentiate their offerings and deliver greater value to their customers," said Eli Katz, XConnect's CEO.

He added, "We are delighted to have facilitated the world’s first cross-network international HD voice calls via a federation—a step that paves the way for global mass-market adoption of HD voice."

As part of the initiative, XConnect announced that the XConnect Global HD Voice Federation is now open to HD voice-enabled service providers globally, following its successful launch in the United States.

The federation enables the exchange of HD voice calls among all participants, all interconnecting through XConnect’s carrier hub and routing through phone-number lookups via its carrier ENUM registry.

At the time of today's announcement, three UK providers had already signed on: Simwood, thevoicefactory, and SureVoIP.

Explaining why his company has joined the HD federation, thevoicefactory CEO Martin Sims said: "We realise that to compete effectively where broadband is a given, we have to move ahead of the pack. In a business market where many different languages and accents are the norm, high-definition voice will help us add value to our services."

This article was originally published on Sep 8, 2010
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