Your VoIP Gateway Is Vulnerable to Attack

Here's a list of five steps you can take to harden your gateway.

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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" Protecting your voice gateway is extremely important for preventing toll fraud and other criminal activities that can be conducted through your VoIP system. This post covers five key areas that can help reduce risks to your voice gateway," writes Network World's Chris Jackson.

"The other day I was looking through my firewall logs and noticed numerous connect attempts on UDP and TCP port 5060. Since I don't utilize SIP for my home phone service I wasn't too concerned, but I was curious to see who was knocking on my digital door. When I checked the IP address range that the scans were coming from I saw that a large cable Internet service provider owned it. While I was not going to lose sleep over someone scanning my network for SIP services I was not running, it did highlight for me the fact that there are many VoIP gateways out on the Internet that are not being protected properly and plenty of ethically challenged individuals that are more than happy to take advantage of them " Jackson writes.

Click the link below to read Jackson's list of five security steps:
London’s calling…Through your voice gateway

This article was originally published on Aug 26, 2010
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