Podcast: Virtualization, Mobility and Best of Breed

In an informal survey run at a November webinar, Mitel found that 34 percent of respondents think voice virtualization is an important technique. That was good news for the company. Stephen Beamish, Mitel's vice president of marketing and business development, tells Carl Weinschenk that the company has been working on the concept with VMware for two years.

 By Carl Weinschenk
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Stephen Beamish discusses Mitel's survey: [swf file="http://vid.itbe.com/ctoedge/mitel120x.mp3"]

Mitel conducted an informal, real-time survey of about 1,500 participants in a webinar it ran in late November. Among the results: 53 percent predict that mobile phones will become the dominant communication device in the workplace, 90 percent responded that virtualization will be more important in their network this year, and 74 percent believe they can achieve a stronger ROI using a best-of-breed network approach versus a sole provider.

Carl Weinschenk spoke to Stephen Beamish, the company's vice president of marketing and business development, about the trends to which these results point.

This article was originally published on Jan 21, 2011
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