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 By Jabez Gan
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For Microsoft, licensing is very important as it's a major sources of profit. For every user that uses its software, Microsoft requires a fee. EBS -- like any Windows Server -- is strict in terms of licensing. If not enough licenses have been purchased by the company, some users will face issues utilizing EBS resources.

One of the post installation to-do tasks we outlined in our previous article is to install additional Client Access Licenses (CALs). By having the adequate amount of CALs, users will have uninterrupted access to all features as part of EBS, which includes email and file sharing, etc.

For those who are unfamiliar with Windows licensing, there are two types of CALs: Device CAL or User CAL. If there are multiple users using a single computer, it is cost effective to assign a device CAL. If a single user uses multiple computers/devices, user CALs should be used. Licensing is one of the most confusing part for customers (and even Microsoft partners), so please refer to the bottom of the article for some helpful links.

Managing license on EBS 2008

Figure 5: Licensing


"What? You're concluding the article? But you've only covered Administrative Console!"

That is the beauty of EBS (and Small Business Server 2008): You only need this single console to start managing your infrastructure. Of course, for advanced administrative tasks (configuration of distributed file systems -- and I've already lost some of you), you will still need to contract a professional to handle configuration, and that pro won't be using the Administrative Console.

Any other tools that you need to know of? If the EBS box is to be managed by a non-IT staff, Administrative Console is more than enough; otherwise, check out the Administrative Tools through the Start menu.

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Thanks to HP Malaysia for loaning Enterprise Networking Planet an HP ProLiant ML150 for testing purposes.

This article was originally published on Jul 9, 2010
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