Brocade today is a company that is very different than when it first started thanks to the acquisition of Foundry Networks in 2008. Brocade paid $3 billion for Foundry, creating a new end-to-end networking player.

Prior to Foundry, Brocade was focused almost exclusively on the storage networking market. With Foundry, Brocade gained an Ethernet networking portfolio and a new path to forge a converged networking fabric on which all types of traffic can flow.

Looking at Brocade’s full year financial results for 2011, provides some proof that the strategy to bring Ethernet networking gear into the fold has been a good one for Brocade. The company continues to report solid earning growth as it grows out its portfolio.

Brocade’s networking portfolio has continued to evolve in the post-Foundry era with enhanced 100GbE capabilities on its service provider routers and IPv6 transition feature such as NAT64 on its ADX application delivery controllers. The company is currently embarking on a new effort to help further its reach with an initiative called the Effortless Network.

Spotlight on Brocade

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