Data Center

Using Digital Twins to Push IoT

Billions of dollars of savings are on the table for companies that use digital twins as part of IoT deployments.

Virtualization Software Comparison: Nutanix AHV vs. Citrix Hypervisor

Nutanix AHV and Citrix Hypervisor are among the best virtualization software on the market. Learn more about these virtualization solutions.

The Evolution of Data Centers Lies in Digital Transformation

How can data centers serve the needs of a constantly evolving market? Digital transformation is necessary.

What is a Digital Twin?

Enterprises that deliver top-tier products make quality testing and future planning a huge...

The Growing Value of Enterprise Architects

The concept of an “enterprise architect” is becoming increasingly common as large and...

Virtualization vs. Containerization: What is the Difference?

If you want to run an application, there are two ways of doing...

Networking 101: Understanding Data Deduplication

Enterprise networks store massive amounts of data across users and devices. Some of...

The Risks and Rewards of Flat Networks

Here’s a quote from a network administrator: “I have a flat network. There...

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