In the world of networking, Cisco is the proverbial 800-pound gorilla. Cisco dominates nearly ever sector of the networking world on a revenue basis and has for many years.

Cisco's message is architecture, not point products, are the key to networking success. For years, the basic network components of switches and routers were thought of as being just dumb plumbing, but that is a view Cisco works hard to change. CEO John Chamber has said time and again over the last five plus years, that his firm isn't just about being Internet plumbers anymore.

By having an end-to-end architecture that encompasses the edge of network to core in switching, routing and security, the idea is that great efficiency, control and network operations can be achieved. Whether it's the cloud, enterprise data center, or campus LAN, for Cisco, the network is the platform.

With the recent economic downturn, Cisco refocused itself on a number of key areas and abandoned a few others. For Cisco, the key areas of their business are switching, routing, security, unified communications, and cloud. Cisco has also developed a strong market for network attached servers called the Unified Computing System (UCS). UCS is now a billion dollar business for Cisco.

In 2011, Cisco exited multiple non-core businesses lines including the Flip digital camera business, the Umi home telepresense system and a hosted email offering.

Since 2010, Cisco has branded its enterprise switching and routing portfolio under the Borderless Networks initiative. The idea behind Borderless Networks is to enable seamless connectivity both within enterprises and with external partners to fully enable the flow of information and collaboration, anywhere and anytime.

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