WAN Optimization for Video Streams, External SaaS, other Applications

The advance of the cloud, file sharing, and virtualization all lead to traffic into the WAN.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 22, 2010
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WAN optimization, like all technology advancements are not without issues. As reported on Arabian Business, there are rising adoption rates for WAN optimization in government departments, education and large distributed enterprises.

"'WAN optimization has evolved fairly quickly; a year or two ago, this technology was focused purely on internal shared files, such as Microsoft Office files on CIFS servers, or Exchange server files using MAPI,' he said.

"'Today, network managers are demanding – and vendors are delivering – WAN optimization for video streaming, externally-hosted Software as a Service [SaaS] files and other applications and protocols. The benefits to network managers are that more applications can be optimised, and therefore the technology is delivering greater benefits to the organization.'"

Read the Full Story at Arabian Business

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