Hughes Announces Advanced Network Management System

The company's network management system offers advanced monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Mar 10, 2010
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Hughes Network Systems has announced its HX ExpertNMS network management system. According to the company's press release on PR Newswire, HX ExpertNMS is a full-featured capability for the HX System offering an intuitive graphical user interface, an advanced set of monitoring and diagnostic features, and it also enables efficient management and optimization of network performance.

"Hughes created the HX ExpertNMS in response to the increasing demand from operators for a network management tool that facilitates efficient network operation, stronger service quality control, and advanced monitoring capabilities at an affordable price.

"Using NetGuide, an installation wizard, technicians now have a simple, step-by-step guided process to configure an HX System. The technician can create bandwidth plans for remote satellite routers. Additionally, the network dashboard view provides a way to determine the health of the network and with the click of the mouse a technician can quickly evaluate and control virtually all aspects of the HX System."

Read the Full Story at PR Newswire

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