Vyatta 6.0 Offers Cloud Networking

The new open network OS includes more than 30 new features.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Mar 31, 2010
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Vyatta has announced version 6.0 of its open network OS. The new version offers complete routing and network security software, and the new Vyatta Remote Access API which the company, in this Market Wire pess release, claims will simplify network management for large deployments of Vyatta systems within enterprises and cloud-based service providers.

"Version 6 also marks the move to an open-core delivery model where Vyatta will maintain a single, open core code base which is available as Vyatta Core 6.0 (VC6) and is also incorporated into the Vyatta Subscription Edition. This model enables Vyatta to innovate even faster by accelerating the delivery of updates to all Vyatta users at the same time. While the Vyatta Core will contain all open source components of the Vyatta system, the Vyatta Subscription Edition will deliver additional value-added features such as the Vyatta Remote API. And, as a third new layer of value, Vyatta Version 6.0 also offers Subscription customers the first Vyatta Plus add-on service, VyattaGuard web filtering that helps organizations implement Internet security policies and promote workplace productivity."

Read the News Release at Market Wire

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