Blending Wireless, Wired WAN Service Negotiations

Telecom experts offer valuable tips for making combined negotiations a success.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Apr 19, 2010
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Two Telecom attorneys, Jim Blaszak and Kevin DiLallo, recommend you get more aggressive with wireless procurement and avoid 'leaving money on the table'. This Network World report says that big WAN companies need your wireless business, and they may be willing to jump through some hoops on your wired business and service agreements to get it.

"Come to the negotiating table armed with info about historical usage and expenses. On the wireless side, that will require you to have a grasp of your current mobile assets and associated billing and service plans. If you don't know how to mine that information, check out some of my alerts on the subject of mobility management (a.k.a, mobile device management, or MDM) and read up on wireless telecom expense management (WEM). The MDM and WEM disciplines are currently in the process of merging across the industry."

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