SMB Network Security Starts with an IT Security Policy

Simple staff guidelines for IT security are essential stepss to protecting small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) from online threats.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jul 1, 2010
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Big corporations have large-scale IT deployments that generally encompass desktop and mobile devices and are more likely to have a formal IT security policy in place than small and medium sized businesses. This IT Wire report looks at how security, compliance and customer privacy can be addressed with an IT security policy.

"With any IT security policy, whether it is intended to cover 1000 employees or two, a healthy degree of common sense is also needed – and this is true however formal or relaxed the directives it aims to stipulate are. What this mean is, if some staff are tasked with using Twitter, Facebook or even Second Life as social networking tools for business, then set policies and instructions in place to manage this, but accept that the medium itself is extremely dynamic and somewhat harder to quantify. The social network is here to stay, so it is better to embrace it and put an IT security layer in between it and your company data."

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