A & D Network Security Threats a Concern

The cyber security problem is spreading especially fast in the aerospace and defense industry.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 5, 2010
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In an article presented on Info Tech, Alastair MacWillson, the managing director at Accenture Security Practice says that in the A & D industry more than any other, cyber security is a quickly spreading problem. Industry and government are not well positioned to respond to threats and cyber criminals view the arena as an opportunity to do damage. MacWillson states that too many organizations in the industry are under-investing in cyber security even with the level of alarm intensifying considerably, in some cases to astonishing levels.

"It has been many years since hackers progressed from being “script kids” to highly organized professional criminals. But while all organizations face this threat, A&D companies rank along­side government departments as the organizations most likely to attract attentions of well-resourced, and potentially government- or terrorist-funded, hacking groups. Organized criminals looking to steal and sell intellectual property assets would also put A&D companies at or near the top of their target list."

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