Network Integration Challenges

Tips on identifying and overcoming typical network integration challenges.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 16, 2010
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An article on Tech News World offers advice and tips on smoothly integrating networks. With the biggest challenge of all being inaction, many small businesses let the fear of cost, downtime and implementation issues keep them from moving forward in network integration. The article offers helpful tips on making the transition smooth including relying on IT professionals and looking at the current physical network setup and determining if it is fulfilling the needs of the company.

"Whether you decide to work with an IT professional or handle the network integration process on your own, know that you have overcome the biggest challenge of all -- the challenge to improve your business by integrating your network. By taking the steps to identify your current network assets and create an inventory of what you really need, then mapping business processes to technology needs and finally pulling everything together and making it happen, you're making a solid investment in your business' future."

Read the Full Story at Tech News World

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