World's Largest Online Marketplace Secured by QualysGuard

EBay has set a baseline standard for security.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Nov 29, 2010
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An article on Technology Evaluation looks at white papers released by Qualys called 'eBay—Securing the World’s Online Marketplace'. As the world's largest online marketplace, eBay chose QualysGuard on-demand vulnerability management and was able to set a baseline standard for security. The trust between eBay's buyers and sellers is what the company claims to be the key to success. Built-in reports were able to give eBay executives a clear picture of network security without the need for manual analysis and QualysGuard was able to provide eBay with an overall faster, simpler, and cheaper security system.

"As one of the largest Internet marketplaces, eBay proclaims that the trust it enables between buyers and sellers has been the key to its success. To ensure continued success, eBay wanted to standardize its network security auditing and remediation processes, and turned to QualysGuard’s vulnerability management solution. With Qualys’ automated solution, eBay can now quickly and easily remediate any network vulnerabilities. If you're involved with network security, you'll want to get the inside story of how eBay selected a vulnerability management system for a marketplace where 147 million members buy and sell almost anything."

Read the Full Story at Technology Evaluation

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