Tone Network Monitoring Provider Offers Turnkey Delivery Option

Tone's launch for VoIP provides financial, technical and business advantages.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Dec 15, 2010
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As reported on Business Wire, Tone Software Corporation has announced the availability of a Turnkey delivery option for its ReliaTel VoIP quality of service (QoS) and Converged Infrastructure Management software. The global provider of comprehensive network monitoring and management solutions for converged telecommunications and IT infrastructures claims its solution provides a platform-agnostic, comprehensive VoIP QoS and converged infrastructure management system in a single solution, currently available in a fully-hosted or premises-based deployment and licensing option.

"'MSPs and enterprises are often attracted to the financial and manpower benefits of hosted management models, but reluctant to allow their critical data to leave their environments and be collected at vendor hosting locations,' said Amit Kapoor, director of strategic technology advancement, Tone Software Corporation. 'Because the ReliaTel hybrid Turnkey model combines a premises-based deployment with a hosted support and licensing structure, critical QoS and performance data stays securely within the enterprise or MSP LAN environment, while still providing the desired financial and manpower benefits. As a result, MSPs and enterprises can securely manage their QoS and converged network performance, while freeing up valuable financial and human resources for pressing projects.'”

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