New Broadband Provider Network Neutrality Rules

U.S. Federal Communications Commission create 194 page provisions order.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Dec 29, 2010
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The U.S. Federal Communications Commission voted December 21 to create new network neutrality rules for broadband providers and included in the 194 page order are provisions covering transparency, discrimination and blocking. PC World reports that broadband customers and providers of Web applications and services will be able to file informal complaints through the FCC's website, without paying the normal fee for formal complaints, and customers and others can also file formal complaints after notifying the broadband provider. The FCC will allow requests for expedited action on complaints.

"Any commercial agreements between broadband providers and other companies that would allow providers to prioritize some types of Web traffic would likely violate the prohibition on unreasonable discrimination, the rules say. Those types of commercial agreements would 'raise significant cause for concern,' the FCC said in its press release. 'This departure from long-standing norms could cause great harm to innovation and investment in and on the Internet.'"

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