Network Time Protocol Ensures Precise Time Syncs

NTP necessary for Linux to connect to Windows domain.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Jan 27, 2011
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If you want your Linux machine to connect to a Windows domain, it is crucial that precise time syncs exist on your Linux and Windows Server. The Network Time Protocol is an easy to use tool that ensures Linux and Windows servers are set with the correct time. Tech Republic offers a step by step guide on using this tool.

"There are plenty of reasons you should have your Linux and Windows servers set with the correct time. One of the most obvious (and annoying) is, without the correct time, your Linux machine will be unable to connect to a Windows Domain. You can also get into trouble with the configuration of your mail and web servers when the time is not correct (sending email from the future is never a good idea). So how do you avoid this? Do you have to constantly be resetting the time on your machines? No. Instead of using a manual configuration, you should set up all of your servers to use NTP (Network Time Protocol) so that they always have the correct time."

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