Network Users Need Not Panic Over IPv6

Gradual rollout means users will not notice a difference.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Feb 7, 2011
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Now that the IPv4 addresses have been depleted, there is an impulse to panic. However, says PC World, IPv6 rollout will be gradual as the vast majority of Internet users will continue to use IPv4 addresses for the next couple of years and most users won’t even notice a difference. In fact, users of Windows XP and Linux are the only ones who may have to make minor configurations to operating systems, offered free on the internet.

"’The sooner we all move to adopt IPv6, the better and brighter that future will be as our imaginations will not be stunted by clumsy IPv4 work-arounds,’ said Lynn St. Amour, President and CEO of the Internet Society (ISOC) at a press conference in Miami on Thursday.”

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