Coraid Rethinks SANs

AoE presents disk storage to servers across a standard Ethernet network.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Mar 4, 2011
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In an attempt to simplify and optimize data storage, Coraid has turned its back on tiered storage-area networks, reports E Week. The company is offering new age direct-attached storage. Its new solid-state EtherDrive SRX AoE-based (ATA over Ethernet) storage virtualization appliances solve cost and complexity issues associated with competing SANs. EtherDrive storage can be accessed and shared by any server/host computer attached to the storage network.

"’With our system, you keep the same software all the time and get 10 times or 20 times performance improvements--sometimes better than that, depending on the workload--and you just add more disks as you grow. Works with all operating systems and protocols. Can't get much easier to use than that.’"

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