Network Security Breaches Originated As Spear Phishing

Overhyped APT reports a convenient excuse.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Apr 25, 2011
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Blaming network security breaches on advanced persistent threat has become a convenient excuse for organization. In reality, reports eWeek, the attacks are malware and not advanced at all. In fact, almost all publicized and self-declared APT attacks this year have originated as spear phishing, an un-glamorous but very effective breaching of security.

"There is a growing feeling among security researchers that organizations were using APT as a convenient excuse when their network security has been breached. ‘The funny thing here is that the malware used in most of the 'APT' attacks we've seen recently isn't really all that nefarious; it’s just the new stuff on the market,' Ghosh said."

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