FAQ: Enterprise Networks Migrate to IPv6

Answers to frequently asked questions about migration.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted May 13, 2011
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IT managers know that if they haven’t already made the move, they will have to soon migrate to IPv6. At a time when IPv4 addresses are drying up, the process of migration brings with it a multitude of questions. IDG offers some answers to those questions through its presentation of the book IPv6 for Enterprise Networks.

"The excerpt also examines enterprise IPv6 deployment status: While many enterprises are looking to enable IPv6 or establish plans for the deployment of IPv6, some of the enterprise verticals such as Retail, Manufacturing, Web 2.0 and Enterprise IT organizations are leading the adoption both by enabling network and computing devices to support IPv6 and also enabling their business applications over IPv6.”

Read the Full Story at IDG

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