IPv6 Migration Sees Business Networks Dragging Feet

Survey shows only 12 percent businesses ready.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted May 16, 2011
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In a survey conducted by IT management software provider Ipswitch, over 600 respondents revealed that most business networks are not ready for the transition to IPv6. According to Redmond Mag, over 65 percent said their networks were less than 20 percent ready for migration, and only 12 percent were between 80 and 100 percent ready.

"’By acting together, ISPs, web site operators, OS manufacturers, and equipment vendors will be able to address problems, such as IPv6 brokenness in home networks and incomplete IPv6 interconnection,’ the Internet Society states. ‘Also, on the day itself, any global scalability problems can be found in a controlled fashion and resolved cooperatively.’"

Read the Full Story at Redmond Mag

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