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Versa Networks Brings SD-WAN to the Branch

SD-Branch offering expands the use cases for Software Defined WAN.

ONAP Releases First Project Code from Open-Source Networking Effort

New open-source effort releases its first code as a combined project.

Tigera Growing Its Kubernetes Networking Community

323 days after the company was first announced, the market for container network is continuing to grow.

Juniper Aims Accelerate Networks with Open Cloud Interconnect

Juniper announces new data center interconnection platform helping to bridge IP and optical networking layers

CNCF Adds CoreDNS as Seventh Hosted Project

Second time is the charm, as open-source CoreDNS project is now joining the CNCF.

Riverbed Debuts Service Delivery Platform

Riverbed jumps into Network-as-a-Service market with new platform that melds the DevOps approach of agile development with NFV and SDN.

Linux Foundation Forms New Open Network Automation Project

The new effort is a consolidation of two existing Linux Foundation networking projects mergin the ECOMP and Open-O efforts.

Arista Improves Cloud Visibility and Security with DANZ 2017

Arista extends platform support for its Data ANalyZer (DANZ) technology across more switches and provides a CloudVision abstraction layer for integration with OpenStack cloud deployments.

AT&T Brings Network Policy Project to the Linux Foundation

Enhanced Control, Orchestration, Management and Policy (ECOMP) is now a full open-source project run as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project

Juniper Extends Unite Cloud Framework with New Hardware and Software

New Juniper hardware includes the QFX5110 data center switch and Network Director 3.0 technologies.

OpenStack Vendor Mirantis Offers Managed OpenContrail SDN Services

Open-source SDN originally started by Juniper Networks,  now has a new support.

Ethernet Switch Revenues Hit $6.29B in 3Q16

10 GbE revenues decline as 100 Gigabit accelerates

92 Percent of Data Center Traffic will be Cloud by 2020

Cloud is no longer the outlier, it's basis of nearly all data center traffic.

How OpenStack Uses Nodepool

[VIDEO] Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation details how open-source cloud effort deploys and manages infrastructure images

Weaveworks Improves SDN Security with Kubernetes 1.4

 Weave Net 1.7 now benefits from enhanced security capabilities.

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