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Application Aware Networking and the Enterprise

Application awareness may sound like just a buzzword, but its practical benefits may soon be necessary to the enterprise network.

From Software Defined to Application Aware Networking

Beyond SDN lies AAN and the path to a truly optimized application environment.

SDN: The Key to Computing in the Cloud

Data center virtualization and the next wave of the cloud will demand what software defined networking has to offer.

The Global Intercloud: A Whole New Ball Game for Cisco

Cisco makes the jump into services, but can it make the switch from dominant player to hungry newcomer?

Overlay Networks: Is SDN-Lite Good Enough for Now?

Building an entire new SDN-optimized infrastructure is a daunting task. Perhaps the overlay approach on legacy networks isn't so bad.

Your Network May Be Ready for SDN, But What About Your Storage?

All the activity coming from abstract resources can overwhelm anything still operating on the physical plane, including storage.

IDC: SDN is a Buzzword

Stepping outside the SDN bubble, is the noise around SDN real?

SDN in the Enterprise: It’s the Applications, Stupid

In the grand scheme of things, the true value of software defined networking lies not in what it is, but what it does.

Scaling the Virtual Network

SDN can take you where no network has gone before, but you may have to rethink the forwarding table.

Cloud, Mobile, M2M: They All Rely on the WAN

Despite widespread recognition that wide area networks will play a vital role in the move to distributed architectures, few enterprises seem willing to shore up their own infrastructure.

OpenDaylight, Hydrogen, and the Vagaries of Open Networking

Open source and open standards are becoming increasingly important in the SDN sphere, but openness isn't a magic bullet.

Hybrid Clouds and the Networks that Love Them

Many enterprises are bent on deploying hybrid clouds in the coming year, but how should they be networked?

OCP and Networking: From Small Beginnings…

Hyperscale data environments are coming. Contributions to Facebook's Open Compute Project reveal surprising strategies for maximizing them.

SDN in the Real World: Expectations vs. Realities

SDN vendors and early adopters are dreaming big. But will their dreams become reality, or will the results prove to be less than they'd hoped for?

What Does Oracle Want with Corente?

The acquisition of Corente will bring Oracle new WAN virtualization and wide area SDN capabilities. What's Oracle's end game?

SDN: New Opportunities and Challenges for the Network Controller

Software defined networking puts the spotlight on the controller—but does it have to?

The Network Neutrality Ruling and Network Admin: Are You Worried?

The U.S. Court of Appeals this week struck down the FCC Network Neutrality order. What does this mean for the Internet as we know it?

Will SDN Lead to a New Type of Router?

Network hardware, even the lowly router, will have to change its behavior if it is to adequately support the virtual data center.

Wide Area SDN: Close, But…

Software defined networking over the WAN will someday be a necessity. What challenges must vendors solve to make it a reality?

Orchestration: The Tie that Binds SDN

Before software defined networking can achieve its lofty goals, the orchestration pieces need to fall into place.

Abstract Networking: What Can SDN Do for You?

Now that the enterprise has entered the SDN deployment phase, its time to start thinking about what you'll actually do with it.

Flexibility Rules, But Don't Neglect Network Capacity

SDN, network fabrics and increased intelligence will help with crushing data loads, but so will plain, old raw bandwidth.

Networking Challenges to the Distributed Enterprise

Even SDN won't provide everything that wide area data environments require. How can enterprises optimize their distributed infrastructures?

Open SDN is Not Worry-Free SDN

Truly open networking is a nice dream, but is it really what the enterprise needs? Open source and open standards create challenges of their own.

In the SDN Era, the Edge Needs Love Too

Software defined networks and the distributed data center will require intelligence, interoperability, and agility at the network edge.

Driving Network Density to New Levels

Enterprises just finishing up the conversion to 10 GbE still have a fair amount of work to do to achieve a truly dynamic data center.

New Network Platforms Prime the SDN Pump

SDN announcements from networking vendors like Cisco, Arista, Juniper, and Brocade mark the next step in the software defined revolution.

SDN May Not Turn Out the Way You Expected

SDN may one day change everything you know about the network. Fear of this change will hold you back, but perhaps some caution is warranted.

Ethernet: Connecting the Data Center to the Cloud

Even private clouds often rely on public infrastructure. How can Ethernet address the resulting concerns, and which vendors are on top of the issue?

SDS and the Legacy Infrastructure Conundrum

The fully software defined data center looks closer than ever, but before it can be realized, the software defined movement must address the storage question.

A Look Beyond the SDN Hype Cycle

Software Defined Networking is the Next Big Thing, according to its proponents. But is it really, and does everyone truly need it?

WAN Optimization Critical to Virtual Data Environments

Virtualization, cloud, and SDN demand optimal WAN performance. Check out some vendors promising to provide just that.

Closing In on the On-Demand Data Center

Technology serves as a means to a business end. In the case of SDN, the end is the on-demand data center. What does that mean, and how are vendors working to get there?

There’s Networking Gold in New Silicon

New network processing technology looks set to speed us into the SDN, mobility, Internet of Everything future.

New Network Infrastructure for a New Information Era

As data environments change, so too must the data center itself. That includes its network infrastructure.

Don’t Discount the Network in the Push for Energy Efficiency

New networking solutions promise to curb energy consumption in the data center, a vital concern given the current upward trend of IT energy use.

SDN and the Network Visibility Challenge

Software defined networks demand a high level of visibility. What are vendors doing to address that need?

Open Networking in a Software Defined Universe

Proprietary or open source? Software defined networking puts the debate front and center. Arthur Cole weighs the options.

You've Got the Bandwidth, but How About Availability?

All the bandwidth in the world won't mean a thing if you lose availability. Invest in measures to prevent costly network downtime—it's worth it.

Will the Cloud Overwhelm the Internet?

Some fear that increased traffic from the cloud will prove too much for the Internet to handle. Here's why that won't happen.

Enterprise Infrastructure: Changing from the Bottom Up

Converging evolutions in infrastructure look poised to radically remake data environments. What does this mean for networking?

Is the Enterprise Ready for the Application-Aware Network?

As SDN continues its growth from buzzword to reality, enterprises must consider how much application awareness and automation they really need.

Newcomers Hope to Simplify SDN Deployment Models

Startups and big vendors alike work to make SDN deployment easier with new platforms and solutions.

12G SAS: Just What the SSD Ordered

The new generation of SAS technology promises to turn SAS from a simple drive interface into a fully functional storage fabric.

Bandwidth, Optimization, and the Quest for Faster Network Performance

Enterprise networks are turning to alternatives like app acceleration and WAN optimization instead of just piling on the bandwidth.

Network Services Ramping Up in the Cloud

Key technology partnerships are ensuring that network infrastructure will soon break free of the physical world and rise into the cloud.

Orchestration Takes the Cloud to New Heights

Leading vendors like Brocade, Big Switch Networks, and F5 are developing orchestration solutions aimed at making the cloud more than just a scaled-out data center.

Software's Hot, but Hardware's Still Cool

Don't discount the importance of hardware in a software defined network. Switches in particular remain crucial to network functionality.

SDN: A Babe in the Enterprise Woods

SDN is still a long way from fulfilling its much-hyped promise, but that's not a bad thing. Art Cole explains why.

Open Season on Proprietary Networks

Cisco, Facebook, Avaya, and others open up to open source. What does this mean for network managers?

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