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AI Getting in on the Ground Floor of Networking

The AI chip sector is growing fast. 

The Dos and Don’ts of VPNs

If implemented incorrectly, VPNs can provide an even greater threat to sensitive data than standard wired or wireless infrastructure.

New Solutions, New Acronyms – Same Old Dilemmas

The SDDC sector is now growing at almost 22 percent per year.

For AI and IoT, Virtual Networks Can’t Do It All

Many emerging technologies require significant changes to core infrastructure.

The Rise of Programmable Network Hardware

It's becoming increasingly viable for enterprises to customize network hardware solutions.

Where Intent-Based Networking Goes from Here

IBN can make networking both easier and more complex.

SD-WAN is Better than MPLS, But Still Poses Some Challenges

Building a fully functional SD-WAN can be trickier than it might seem.

Multiple Options for NFV in the Enterprise

Service providers who wish to cash in on enterprise NFV must pursue one of three options.

Network Expansion vs. Economic Uncertainty

How much could concerns about the economy affect network deployments in the coming year?

When DevOps Turns into NetOps

Network engineers will have to learn to function as part of a development and operational team going forward.

Small Steps Toward Open Networking

Several organizations have recently taken steps to make open networking more attractive to companies of all sizes.

When Networking Meets Hyperconvergence

HCI is driving demand for new software-defined networking capabilities.

Prepping SD-WAN for the IoT Edge

The growth of the Internet of Things is going to place new demands on software-defined networks.

Open or Proprietary: The DCI in a Connected Universe

The market for data center interconnect products is poised for expansion and innovation.

From Here to There: Charting Network Transformation

We can see the future of networking, but it's not entirely clear how we are going to get there.

SD-WAN Quality: It's All About the Experience

Optimizing SD-WAN performance will be a critical challenge for network managers.

How AI Will Change Network Infrastructure

AI workloads are different than traditional analytics workloads, and we'll need faster, more versatile networks to accommodate them.

Poor Visibility: The Speedbump on the Road to Automated Networks

As they deploy automated — and, eventually, intelligent — network technology, enterprises need better monitoring tools.

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