Cisco Lists Top 10 Malware Threats

Cisco provides the top 10 malware threats.

 By Kara Reeder | Posted Aug 10, 2010
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Cisco's 2Q10 Global Threat Report, which was generated by IronPort, offers up the top 10 malware threats. eSecurity Planet provides the list. Here are the top five:


  1. Exploit.JS.Gumblar, a Trojan downloader that drops an encrypted file onto the victim's system. Gumblar made up 5 percent of all Web malware in 2Q10.
  2. JS.Redirector.cq, a Trojan that uses malicious JavaScript to redirect users to bogus websites that pretend to scan for viruses, then download fake anti-virus code.
  3. PSW.Win32.Infostealer.bnkb, a keylogger that represents 3 percent of 2Q10 encounters.
  4. Mal/GIFIframe-A, a family of malware that exploits iframes that have been injected into files that use popular graphic formats like GIF and JPG.
  5. JS.Redirector.AT, a Trojan family that redirects users to other websites that display porn, phish for confidential data, and implant malware on the victim's PC.
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