Cloud Computing and Virtualization

The cloud and virtualization have revolutionized enterprise computing and looks set to grow in importance over time. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) liberate companies from the constraints of legacy on-premises data centers; private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud architectures provide a host of options to suit individual business needs. Meanwhile, virtualization has moved beyond the server. Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has the potential to free the data center from the limitations of physical networking equipment. Need to keep up with the latest in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, from a networking point of view? Enterprise Networking Planet will keep you informed.

Application Aware Networking and the Enterprise

Application awareness may sound like just a buzzword, but its practical benefits may soon be necessary to the enterprise network.

Verizon Expands Cloud Services for Private IP/MPLS Networks

Verizon Secure Cloud Interconnect aims to bridge the gap for enterprise cloud connectivity.

From Software Defined to Application Aware Networking

Beyond SDN lies AAN and the path to a truly optimized application environment.

Review: Intralinks VIA Enterprise Secures Collaboration

Cloud-based Intralinks VIA Enterprise provides a Sync and Share that addresses the data security needs of the enterprise.

Huawei Aims for U.S Enterprise Networking Market [VIDEO]

President of Huawei explains how new services, support and technology will help the Chinese IT giant gain share in the U.S.

SDN: The Key to Computing in the Cloud

Data center virtualization and the next wave of the cloud will demand what software defined networking has to offer.

Interop: What's Driving SDN Today?

OpenFlow still tops the list for deployment options but that could be changing.

Visibility Challenges and Solutions in Virtual Environments

Network state visibility is key to maximizing performance and security in virtualized environments.

Interop 2014 Preview: Networking is About More Than Just the Network

Interop General Manager Jennifer Jessup explains what's new and why vendor sales pitches won't be coming from the keynotes this year.

The Global Intercloud: A Whole New Ball Game for Cisco

Cisco makes the jump into services, but can it make the switch from dominant player to hungry newcomer?

NetMotion Wireless Brings Order to Mobility Chaos

NetMotion’s Locality cellular network performance management suite offers visibility into mobile workforce connectivity issues.

Cisco Entering Cloud Services Market with OpenStack Tech, $1B Investment

Cisco global Intercloud set to be a network of clouds.

Beef Up Security with Automation

The challenges of BYOD, mobility, cloud, and virtualization are making automation necessary for security.

OFC 2014: SDN in the Optical Space

Some in the optical world set their sights on software defined networking.

ONS 2014: 6 SDN Solutions to Watch

Vendors gathered on the Open Networking Summit expo floor to showcase software defined networking solutions. Here are six that caught our eye.

ONS 2014: Microsoft Walks the SDDC Walk

Microsoft data center networking and platform expert talks vendor missteps in the software defined era and points the way toward innovation and success.

ONS 2014: Network Virtualization for Performance Optimization

VMware's Martin Casado defines network virtualization and discusses more use cases.

The Basics of Outsourcing Disaster Recovery

Several flavors of DR-as-a-Service exist. One might fit your needs, but be aware: They don't take all the work off of your hands.

Cloud, Mobile, M2M: They All Rely on the WAN

Despite widespread recognition that wide area networks will play a vital role in the move to distributed architectures, few enterprises seem willing to shore up their own infrastructure.

Alcatel-Lucent Embraces OpenStack as SDN and NFV Efforts Expand

Red Hat's OpenStack platform underpins Alcatel-Lucent's CloudBand solution.

OpenDaylight, Hydrogen, and the Vagaries of Open Networking

Open source and open standards are becoming increasingly important in the SDN sphere, but openness isn't a magic bullet.

Citrix Extends CloudBridge

The top-end 2000WS-050 appliance has an optimized WAN capacity of 50 Mbps and can handle a total of 20,000 TCP sessions.

DigitalOcean Launches Singapore Data Center

SSD cloud hosting company delivers on its promise of an Asian data center and talks plans to increase its footprint in Europe and the Americas.

Hybrid Clouds and the Networks that Love Them

Many enterprises are bent on deploying hybrid clouds in the coming year, but how should they be networked?

Citrix Spins Up Multi-Tenant Security with Palo Alto Networks

Integration with Palo Alto Networks next-gen virtual firewall technology brings increased per-application security to Citrix NetScaler ADC.

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