Smartphones, tablets, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and mobility make fast, reliable wireless access a must for the enterprise. As with the rest of the networking world, however, the Wi-Fi landscape can be a challenge to navigate. Enterprise Networking Planet's Wi-Fi news, features, and expert guides can help you choose between 802.11n and 802.11ac and decide which wireless access points (APs) best suit your needs.

Fortinet Set to Acquire Meru Networks for $44 Million

Consolidation in the WLAN marketplace continues.

Xirrus Debuts New XD4 High Density Access Point for IoT

The IoT era demands pervasive wireless connectivity, and Xirrus want to be the company that makes it happen.

Aruba Advances Cloud Networking Control

Aruba takes on Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi gear with new 7000 Series cloud services controllers.

HP Set to Acquire Aruba Networks for $2.7 Billion

HP aims to grow its WiFi capabilities through Aruba Networks acquisition.

A Better Ethernet for a More Modern Data Center

Ethernet is evolving along with the data center, and sometimes that means incremental improvements rather than giant leaps forward.

802.11ac Adoption Grows WLAN Market Revenues

IDC reports on third quarter 2014 WLAN revenues and the impact of 802.11ac Wi-Fi adoption.

Meru Puts SDN Spin on the WLAN with Meru Center and App Store

Wi-Fi vendor announces Meru Center and Meru App Store for easier deployment of wireless networking and SDN applications in the WLAN.

Wireless Mesh Networks for Internet of Things Latency

More bandwidth! Speedier connections! Greater accessibility! Bigger data faster! These are the demands of tomorrow's IoT. Can they be met? If so, how?

Inside the Black Hat 2014 Wi-Fi Network [VIDEO]

PEAP-TLS option provides users with a more secure Wi-Fi network.

Juniper and Aruba Networks Partner for WLAN

What does the new partnership with Aruba mean for Juniper's Trapeze WLAN business?

WLAN Market Growing on 802.11ac Transition

IDC releases first quarter 2014 Worldwide Quarterly WLAN tracker, showing continued growth thanks in part to 802.11ac.

New Solutions for New WAN and WLAN Challenges

The WAN and the WLAN are increasingly critical for business operations. New solutions aim to ease the management and optimization burden.

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