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  • TOPIC: Security
    Security is one of the biggest challenges any organization faces, and thus it commands a large – and growing – share of IT budgets. That’s why the editors of eSecurityPlanet chose the top vendors in 13 critical areas of IT security and created the ultimate guide, with details on 85 vendors that are among the best in their specialty, along with links for further reading. Areas covered in this guide include: SIEM solutions CASB solutions Enterprise Detection and Response …
  • TOPIC: Security
    In theory, creating privileged access accounts to the most critical areas of your company's network is supposed to add a layer of security to sensitive data or infrastructure. However, these accounts are difficult to completely lock down and thus could be data vulnerability for many enterprises. In reality, organizations have haphazard processes for managing administrative or other privileged network accounts, making businesses vulnerable to security breaches. Download this IT Focus eBook to learn: How …
  • TOPIC: Security
    Every organization has a need to protect its corporate data, keeping intruders and malware out of its network, and protect against the threats posed by insiders. This brief paper offers practical advice for building a security framework you can use to develop your strategy, including: Four steps to a security strategy Assessing and mitigating risks Testing your security systems Staying on top of vulnerabilities