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VMware Aims to Make VDI More Available, Less Complex

VMware is improving the flexibility of its Horizon offerings by making them available on a wider range of public clouds and reducing costs.

The Fundamentals of Good Service Level Agreements

With as-a-service models dominating enterprise networking, service level agreements are more important than ever.

Managing Security Across MultiCloud Environments

Virtually all major enterprises made a partial or full shift to the cloud over the past decade, and now most are looking toward a...

Best Business VOIP Providers in 2021

Business VoIP is commercial-class VoIP with advanced features and functionality. Explore Enterprise VoIP Providers now.

​​What Is SIP Trunking? How is it Different from VoIP?

A SIP Trunk is a virtual phone line that provides VoIP service through a company's PBX system. Learn how it works now.

What is SIP? Session Initiation Protocol

SIP is a protocol that allows you to move your phone system to the cloud with VoIP. Learn how it works & more now.

Network Server Management: LogicMonitor vs. ManageEngine OpManager

Network server management software helps with network health, efficiency, security. Here is how LogicMonitor & ManageEngine OpManager compare.

Google Cloud, Palo Alto Create Threat Detection Service

The jointly managed Cloud Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) is built on Palo Alto’s machine learning-powered threat detection capabilities.

Best Enterprise Cloud Migration Tools & Services 2021

An ever-increasing number of enterprises are moving their storage and data processing needs to the cloud, and some are past that stage, moving from...

Virtualization Software Comparison: Virtuozzo vs. OpenVZ

Server virtualization software divides a server into many virtual servers. Read on to learn how Virtuozzo and OpenVZ compare.

Top SD-WAN Providers & Vendors for 2021

SD-WAN providers connect and manage data center services between local & remote locations. Review top providers now.

Zoom Bets $14.7 Billion on Hybrid Workforce with Five9 Buy

The deal aims to create a single company to serve the distributed IT environment and aid enterprises in improving customer outreach through contact centers.