Citrix Spins Up Multi-Tenant Security with Palo Alto Networks

With the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) market warming up, Citrix hopes a partnership with Palo Alto Networks will set its NetScaler SDX virtualized service delivery networking platform out of reach of the competition. The integration, available today, combines the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series next-generation virtualized firewall and threat prevention technology with the NetScaler SDX.

According to a Citrix statement, this will enable users to spin up virtualized ADC and next-gen firewall instances for individual applications on the multi-tenant platform. If all works as advertised, this will optimize security, load balancing, and application performance for each “tenant” application.

Citrix is no stranger to application-specific security. The vendor offers its NetScaler AppFirewall as a NetScaler module and includes AppFirewall with NetScaler Platinum Edition. Citrix says AppFirewall will complement the additional VM-Series capabilities. Additionally, support for REST and XML APIs will enable “real-time orchestration of individual technologies and capabilities in response to changing conditions.” Citrix sees the NetScaler SDX ADC cloud service platform as serving enterprises’ growing need for unified, end-to-end cloud delivery platforms that secure and support mobility and cloud initiatives.

Virtualization of ADC technology is not new, but with much of the data center moving towards a virtualized or software defined model, it looks set to become increasingly crucial. F5 offers a virtual edition of its BIG-IP. Riverbed’s Stingray Services Controller, meanwhile, eschews virtual machines in favor of Linux container technology to enable ADC as a service with less memory and CPU resource consumption than VMs demand. According to Citrix, however, the Palo Alto Networks VM-Series integration is an industry first.

“With the increased rollouts of Citrix NetScaler for cloud application delivery, its native integration with Palo Alto next-generation firewall will enable customers to deploy both these platforms in an integrated and consistent multi-tenant architecture,” Rohit Hehra, VP of Network Infrastructure at IDC, said in a statement.

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