Facebook Considering Further Data Center Expansion

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Phase 1 of Facebook’s data center in Prineville, Ore. is almost complete and it is in the process of building out the second phase. The first servers are up and running and the facility is expected to be fully operational by spring, KTVZ.com reports. The second phase, to be completed in April, will bring the size of the Prineville data center to 307,000 square feet on 127 acres.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Facebook is exploring continued expansion. According to Prineville City Manager Steve Forrester: 

What they [Facebook] have indicated to us is they would like to continue with expansion, which would require a second building just like the one they just built.

Ken Patchett, who manages the Prineville data center, said expansion has not been finalized, but the company has made plans to expand if business requires it. Facebook has previously announced plans to build a similar data center facility in North Carolina.

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