Fortinet vs. Ubiquiti: Enterprise Wireless LAN Comparison

Fortinet and Ubiquiti are among the best wireless LAN vendors in the market today. This article will help you decide which of these two LAN solutions is best for your business.

A wireless local area network (LAN) is a set of co-located computers, mobile phones, printers, or other devices that form a network based on radio transmission instead of a wired connection. A wireless fidelity (WiFi) network is a type of WLAN. Simply put, anyone reading this article while connected to a WiFi network is using a WLAN.

A WLAN transmits data over radio waves like broadcast media. This data is sent in packets. These packets consist of layers with labels and instructions that, together with the unique media access control (MAC) addresses designated to endpoints, allow routing to intended locations. 

WLANs do not simply provide convenience and increase productivity by allowing work to happen anywhere. They can redefine the goals of an enterprise and how they are attained – not only in offices but also in factories, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions. 

The area of coverage of a WLAN can easily be extended by leveraging additional wired or wireless access points (APs). While a WLAN is more vulnerable to security threats than a physical network, the advantages of employing a WLAN far outweigh the disadvantages. That said, there are methods to secure a WLAN, the most common of which is encryption.

In this guide, we will explore the wireless LAN offerings of Fortinet and Ubiquiti.  

Choosing a Wireless LAN Solution

In today’s digital age, transforming your organization into a digital-oriented entity is necessary. The first step, of course, is employing a wireless LAN solution. There are several advantages of employing wireless LAN solutions, including extended reach, device flexibility, simple installation and management, scalability, and virtual network management.

Conduct due diligence and implement a solution that most accurately represents the needs of your organization. As you research wireless LAN solutions, make sure to check for the following: 

  • Do the wireless interfaces on your current system support your potential choice?
  • Does the wireless LAN network support as many users simultaneously as you need?
  • Does the company’s product roadmap support growth that will be a good match with your current expected growth? This is a conversation to have with a sales rep – it won’t be in the product brochure.

Fortinet Wireless LAN


Fortinet Secure Wireless LAN safeguards your wireless LAN edge with security-driven Wi-Fi. FortiAPs (Fortinet APs) are enabled by the Fortinet Security Fabric and provide integrated threat intelligence, automated protection, and broad visibility. 

Key Differentiators 

  • Fortinet Secure Wireless LAN is a security-driven networking solution that enables you to secure the enterprise LAN edge cost-effectively.
  • FortiAPs are available in numerous models, from 2×2 to 4×4, internal or external antenna, to meet specific price points and use cases.
  • Configuration and control of your wireless LAN can be done with Fortinet FortiLAN Cloud or Fortinet FortiGate Network Security Platform.
  • FortiAPs are covered by a limited lifetime Hardware Warranty Period. The terms and conditions of this warranty can be found here
  • With automated response to compromised devices, network security at the access layer is improved and human reaction time is eliminated from the equation.
  • Quick and easy deployment with no necessity for onsite technical support.
  • No licenses to manage: plug and get started.
  • You can scale from 1 to 10,000 FortiAPs.
  • Wireless presence analytics capabilities included.

Pricing: Request a free product demo today. Reach out to the Fortinet sales team for pricing information. 

Ubiquiti Wireless LAN


UniFi Access Points by Ubiquiti is available in seven different form factors. They are designed to cover every potential deployment type and environment.  

Key Differentiators 

  • Ceiling Mounted APs are available in several models and are ideal for indoor environments. They are designed with an antenna pattern pointed at the horizon. They are best suited to small- and medium-sized organizations and can support 150 to 1,500 concurrent clients.
  • In-Wall APs can be mounted on walls similar to electrical outlets, allowing them to be more subtly placed. They are most suitable for any indoor environment where having unobtrusive, low-profile devices is preferred. They come with an in-built Power over Ethernet (POE) switch as well and can support up to 250 concurrent clients.
  • Mesh APs are small, sleek, and compact, yet powerful. They are perfect for organizations of all sizes. They are versatile and can be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or placed at any convenient location. They enable seamless transitioning from indoor to outdoor environments and can support up to 192 concurrent clients.
  • The WiFi BaseStation is the most powerful AP of the lot and is VESA-compatible. The AP is ideal for high-density deployments and large coverage areas and can support up to 1,500 concurrent clients.
  • All APs operate with POE switches and are compatible with UniFi’s (Ubiquiti’s) switches.
  • Use the UniFi Design Center to determine the number of APs you need for your enterprise.

Pricing: UniFi Access Points start at $99 (U6 Lite–Ceiling Mounted AP) and sell for up to $1,499 (WiFi BaseStation XG–WiFi BaseStation).

Fortinet vs. Ubiquiti: Vendor Comparison Chart

Here is how these two leading wireless LAN solutions compare:

Features Fortinet Ubiquiti
Ability to Understand LAN Requests
Ease of Deployment
Quality of End-User Training
Ease of Integration Using Standard APIs and Tools
Availability of Third-Party Resources
Pricing Flexibility
Service and Support
Willingness to Recommend
Overall Capability Score


Surajdeep Singh
Surajdeep Singh
Surajdeep Singh has been working as an IT and blockchain journalist since 2018. He is a contributor to publications including IT Business Edge, Enterprise Networking Planet & Smart Billions and works as a consultant at Drofa Communications Agency.
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