Fortune 1000 Companies Not in Favor of Public Cloud

A survey of 247 Fortune 1000 companies by TheInfoPro found that less than 10 percent are considering the public cloud as a storage option for their lowest tier of data for archiving purposes, Computerworld reports. Marco Coulter, TheInfoPro’s research director of storage commented: 

Most of the large enterprises… aid we’re just not giving our data out to somebody else. Performance still comes up in the commentary, as well. The problem is when you need the data back…there isn’t a high level of confidence that they can do that through an external system. Even on our small enterprises chart, the number of users of cloud storage are even lower. We’re seeing infrastructure in the cloud. We’re seeing applications in the cloud, email in the cloud, HR and CRM in the cloud … but [storage] is the piece that doesn’t make sense for them.

Fortune 1000 companies have been much more receptive to private cloud adoption. While even private clouds are facing some resistance from Fortune 1000 companies, most said they faced no challenges or obstacles when deploying their private clouds. However, 20 percent said they have experienced some reliability problems.

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