How OpenStack Uses Nodepool

OpenStack is an open-source cloud platform at its core, but it’s also much more. In order to build OpenStack itself, the OpenStack Foundation has needed to build out all kinds of infrastructure management tooling, including an effort known as nodepool.

While some might confuse nodepool with a network load balancer, Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation explained that it’s really something quite different.

“Nodepool is a scheduler that talks to multiple clouds,” Bryce said.

The OpenStack Zuul effort provides pipeline management and works together with nodepool to help manage the OpenStack infrastructure team’s pool of servers spread across disparate cloud providers. Bryce explained that Zuul understands the work that needs to be done, queuing workloads up. Zuul then communicates with nodepool what the resource requirements are decides where to send the workloads.

Watch the video interview with Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation below:

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet and .

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