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The Internet of Things, or IoT, which derives competitive advantages from a distributed network of devices, machines, and infrastructure, is on the rise – dramatically. 

Grandview Research indicates that the edge computing sector will grow by a torrid 33 percent CAGR between 2022 and 2030. Clearly, the enterprise is investing heavily in IoT.

However, the success of your company’s IoT initiatives is determined by selecting the most appropriate IoT provider for your deployments. To assist, we explore 10 top IoT vendors.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things encompasses a network of physical objects, embedded with software, sensors and other technologies, with an aim to connect and exchange data with other computing devices and systems via the Internet.

Various technologies, like ubiquitous computing, embedded systems, machine learning, wireless sensor networks, control systems and more, all converge to enable the Internet of Things.

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How to Select an IoT Provider

Aside from assessing the cost associated with a prospective IoT provider, the factors below will help you ensure an IoT provider is the correct fit for your business:

Scalability and flexibility of solutions

Your bespoke IoT needs can only be realized through flexible and scalable tools and solutions. A provider can offer optimized connectivity that suits your use case. The provider can also be part of ecosystems or partnerships that yield the benefit of vast supported options, integration capabilities, and a larger geographic footprint.

Complete, end-to-end solutions

Providers that offer complete solutions, such as bundled services, offer clients continuity, the improved overall efficiency of their operations and the confidence that their needs are within the scope of the solutions offered.

Provider maturity and longevity

A provider with IoT experience that has a real-world track record will help clients solve the various problems with their implementations. Such a provider can help clients pivot when they need to – and evolve with the IoT and the technology landscape in general.

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Top IoT Companies


Having started as an AI product company, ScienceSoft provides IT consulting and software development services. ScienceSoft serves non-IT enterprises to improve their business performance, improve customer service, and implement digital transformation initiatives.

The company also helps software product companies bring impactful products to market. ScienceSoft drives value-centered Internet of Things solutions and implements multi-level data pipelines for these solutions, traversing edge computing, data science and cloud data processing.

Key Differentiators

IoT solutions created by ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft applies IoT technologies across various industries for multiple purposes. The company offers preventative equipment maintenance for remote monitoring of equipment performance metrics and timely detection of potential malfunctioning.

Their process automation solutions are based on sending commands from control applications to actuators in the manufacturing industry and smart homes. For agriculture, smart cities and production floors, ScienceSoft offers environmental monitoring and energy consumption optimization solutions.

ScienceSoft also offers video surveillance solutions for smart cities and smart facilities, product quality management used in manufacturing and transport management for supply chains.

IoT services

In addition to the solutions created by ScienceSoft, ScienceSoft offers three services. It offers consulting services for the best value from IoT adoption. It also offers an IoT ecosystem setup that offers data collection, analysis and presentation by designing and implementing layered IoT architectures. Lastly, ScienceSoft provides IoT application management for sustainable operation.

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Oxagile is a company that empowers businesses to scale, gain competitive advantages and transform through leveraging innovative, custom-made software. The company improves the performance and outcomes of organizations and people through its data-driven solutions.

Oxagile’s Tnternet of Things solutions are secure, robust and compliant with all major industry standards. Through years of partnership and collaboration with hardware vendors, Oxagile boasts engineering skills and an understanding of industry-specific issues to create effective bespoke IoT solutions.

Key Differentiators

IoT development

Oxagile develops IoT applications for clients’ bespoke needs by partnering them with experienced IoT specialists who have expertise in rapid IoT prototyping techniques that go with a production-oriented mindset. Oxagile provides teams with a standout blend of hardware, software and firmware knowledge.

Some of the categories of IoT development covered by Oxagile include Industry 4.0 and agriculture, IoT-driven logistics, healthcare IoT, connected living, next-gen user gadgets, IoT-based marketing, connected cars, and IoT in sports.

IoT consulting services

Oxagile leverages top-level consulting expertise to give clients the professional assistance they require. These experts analyze the software needs of clients as well as their existing infrastructure to develop an effective roadmap for their clients’ IoT application development initiatives.

The cross-domain expertise offered by Oxagile cuts across computer vision, machine learning-driven analytics and business intelligence. Oxagile also boasts of Big Data talent with hands-on experience.


Cisco designs and sells multiple technologies traversing networking, cloud, security, collaboration and applications. The company offers technical support as well as advanced services to businesses of all sizes, public institutions, service providers and governments.

Cisco offers end-to-end IoT solutions to reliably connect applications, assets and data in real-time and yield transformative changes all through their clients’ businesses.

Key Differentiators

IoT network connectivity

Through its network connectivity product, Cisco extends its network to harsh environments using its industrial network and automation tools. The IoT network connectivity product uses secure connectivity to accelerate IoT. It offers resilience at scale to enable organizations to scale their IoT initiatives while increasing the availability of their existing infrastructure. It also mitigates risk through the visibility and control provided by integrated security while converging IT and OT.

Cisco IOx

Combining Cisco IOS and the Linux OS for exceptionally secure networking, the Cisco IOx application environment enables the execution of IoT applications with secure connectivity. Users also enjoy powerful services for speedy and reliable integration with the cloud and IoT sensors.

Cisco industrial security

To protect industrial clients from cyber threats, Cisco industrial security offers visibility and control over operational technology and industrial control systems using Cisco Industrial Threat Defense. Cisco Industrial Threat Defense also offers industrial network segmentation and converged threat investigation and remediation.


As a market leader in enterprise application software, SAP assists companies of all sizes in all industries to operate at their full potential. SAP leverages machine learning, advanced analytics, and Internet of Things technologies to enable their customers to transform their businesses into intelligent enterprises.

With an end-to-end suite of services and applications, SAP helps customers optimize their operations, profitability and impact.

Key Differentiators

Big data management, modeling and processing

Users can embed IoT into industrial applications and business processes to obtain insights from previously unconnected devices.

Auto ID-based smart sensing

SAP leverages highly available and cost-effective auto ID technology to automate customer supply chains at scale. The technology captures events across logistics and manufacturing in real-time. Smart sensing also drives business process automation and can be combined with IoT-based condition monitoring to derive more insights from logistics and manufacturing processes.

IoT edge

SAP’s IoT edge enables low latency, autonomous operations alongside cloud-based orchestration for mission-critical processes located at the industrial edge. It offers a cloud-orchestrated edge, preprocessing and edge gateway service, persistence service, as well as extension logic at the edge.

IoT analytics and intelligence

IoT analytics and intelligence by SAP provides insights into industrial business process performance within and beyond the factory while monitoring asset health, usage and availability.

Bosch IoT

Bosch combines artificial intelligence and the internet of things to drive AIoT and digital business. Bosch uses a comprehensive set of consulting and implementation skills to fast-track digital and AIoT projects from ideation to release. The company is a key driver of digital transformation and fosters a customer-centric, agile culture that empowers creativity, innovation and productivity for digital talents.

Key Differentiators

IoT device management

Bosch’s IoT device management allows clients to manage, control, service and update their IoT devices all through their lifecycle. Bosch handles device management as a two-way communication stream that, aside from control of devices, enables clients to track the history of each of their assets with the help of their devices.

IoT data management and analytics

Bosch IoT Suite enables the collection, processing, storage, assessment and use of data to the maximum. IoT data processing involves decoding, filtering, aggregation and labeling. This information is stored and made available to authorized users in the cloud. Users can also take advantage of historical data to develop new service offerings or improve customer experience.

IoT edge and analytics

Bosch provides a fully integrated solution that reduces complexity, latency, and costs and takes custom logic to where it is required, whether on decentralized edge nodes or on the device itself. It incorporates AI, ML and analytics to derive information of greater value from data.

Siemens IoT

Siemens is a technology company with a focus on industry, infrastructure, healthcare and transport. The company has an open IoT operating system known as MindSphere. MindSphere leverages expansive device and enterprise system connectivity protocol options, advanced analytics, industry uses and a unique development environment to connect the digital world to real things.

Key Differentiators

IIoT as a service with MindSphere

The MindSphere solution by Siemens powers industrial IoT solutions from cloud to edge with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. MindSphere empowers its users to create and integrate personalized IoT applications for the users’ unique use cases. This improves the remote services offered by users and also optimizes asset availability and productivity.

Low-code platform with Mendix

Through Mendix, Siemens provides a low-code application development platform to build applications that integrate with customers’ edge devices, systems and assets, improve their operational efficiency, and create digital experiences that meet customer demands. Customers can use low-code development to quickly and easily develop and integrate IoT and IIoT solutions.

Edge computing with Industrial Edge

Industrial edge provides a simple way to integrate information technology into production as Siemens’ solutions come with software for industrial environments that is ready for use. Industrial edge helps customers exploit the maximum potential of their plant and machine data to generate new business models and increase their competitive edge.

Arm IoT

Arm is the world’s leading semiconductor IP company whose technologies interact with over 70 percent of the global population. Arm-based technology promises an unparalleled range of specialized processing products. With an expansive global ecosystem of technology partners, Arm’s goal is to unleash the potential of IoT. Arm’s greatest differentiator is its industry-first approach known as Total Solutions for IoT.

Key Differentiators

Total Solutions for IoT

Arm uses this approach to gather secure, standardized software, specialized processing capabilities and innovative techniques of tooling and development. This solutions-based approach ensures there is a radical change to IoT design, lowering the barrier to entry and ensuring faster time-to-market.

Arm’s first Total Solutions for IoT involve keyword recognition, voice recognition and cloud-native edge device solutions. This approach also enables software-hardware co-design for IoT and ML through its Total Solutions SDK and Arm Virtual Hardware.

IoT markets

Arm technologies power market sectors and industries globally, including smart cities, healthcare, retail and more. IoT for Smart Cities aims to transform urban areas into more sustainable, healthier, secure and safer environments for their residents. Arm’s storage solutions for IoT ensure storage drives are built on a reliable, efficient and secure platform to enable storage applications to handle larger and more complex workloads.

HQ Software

HQ Software offers software development and IT consulting services to businesses ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. The company’s expertise in IoT development helps enterprises automate their processes, use enhanced analytics for better decision-making, and develop new products and services.

Hardware manufacturers enjoy the ability to roll out new smart objects while integrators can implement entire IoT ecosystems and customize their offerings to meet the needs of end-users. HQ Software empowers start-ups to prototype in their quest to deliver the ideal solutions for their markets.

Key Differentiators

Industrial IoT

HQ Software partners with device manufacturers to provide end-to-end IIoT solutions. These include consulting on IIoT applications in manufacturing, middleware development, development and customization of IIoT solutions, edge AI, software development, IIoT big data analytics and more.

Agriculture IoT

The company’s agriculture IoT development services range from hardware manufacturing to complex IoT systems. They include hardware and prototyping, embedded software development, data analytics with AI, integration and end-user app development.

Smart City

HQ Software’s Smart City development services cut across the range of needs from hardware to infrastructure. The application areas include building safety, smart cars and parking apps, transportation congestion systems, water monitoring and many more.


PTC is a technology partner to industrial that helps them navigate the constantly changing digital technology landscape and accelerate their digital transformation initiatives. PTC offers a portfolio of product lifecycle management, CAD, augmented reality and IoT technologies to improve business continuity for clients.

Key Differentiators

Industrial IoT for manufacturing

PTC’s digital manufacturing solutions aim to accelerate the delivery of complex tailored solutions for customers and simplify supply chains while improving profit margins. Through connected monitoring and analytics, manufacturers can reduce operational costs such as materials, labor and overhead. These solutions boost factory output by cutting lead times and time to market while drastically improving asset utilization and efficiency. PTC uses the ThingWorx IIoT platform, which addresses the challenges associated with building IIoT solutions.

Industrial IoT for service

With PTC’s service optimization solutions, the productivity and efficiency of service technicians is accelerated through a blend of technologies that also reduces the cost of service. Clients can ensure their technicians have not only the right parts but also the correct procedures to resolve problems through advanced analytics and real-time visibility into product health. They can also use AR to train and onboard new technicians.


IBM provides IT products and services and operates through segments such as cloud and cognitive software, global technology services, global financing, and global business services. The company combines IoT data with the IBM Cloud technologies to empower businesses to extract valuable insights. The goals is to optimize their operations and enable innovation in the form of new business models.

Key Differentiators

Enterprise asset management

IBM offers enterprise asset management (EAM) software and solutions that lower risk, lower costs and enhance efficiency through combining IoT data, analytics and AI into clients’ operations. EAM provides more control over complex environments, greater operational reliability and resilience, and streamlined and unified operations across silos.

Facilities management

IBM’s facilities management software and solutions combine IoT, AI and data to reimagine and repurpose space while satisfying the ever-changing needs across clients’ facilities. The solutions include real estate and facilities management, integrated workspace management, and operations consulting services.

Systems engineering

The systems engineering solution by IBM adopts a pragmatic approach to the management of product and software development. This enables clients to scale their engineering processes across their product lifecycles with AI-driven insights.

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