Zenoss Core 4 Advances Open Source IT Monitoring

Zenoss is improving its open source Zenoss Core IT monitoring solution in the latest release out today. Zenoss Core 4 includes new extensibility and performance benefits enabling it to scale up to 100 million events per day.

While Zenoss Core has long been able to monitor multiple types of network and server infrastructure components, with the new release Windows monitoring gets easier. The Zenoss Core 4 release is now able to perform remote monitoring of Windows systems without the need for additional third-party agents.

Floyd Strimling, Technical Evangelist and VP of Marketing & Community at Zenoss, explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that Zenoss Core 4 has a more native ability to monitor Windows. Strimling said that the system leverages WMI and perfmon to gather data from virtually any available metric via Zenoss’ native templates and collection technology.

Zenoss has also improved its ZenPacks approach to extending platform features. With the Zenoss Core 4 release, developers now have the ability to build and test their ZenPacks.

“This allows them to provide higher quality ZenPacks for the community,” Strimling said. “Additionally, Zenoss’ move to Github allows for social coding/collaboration provides developers with the ability to link their ZenPacks to the Zenoss Core community.”

Monitoring is also improved in Zenoss Core 4 by way of something known as enhanced, ZenPing suppression. Strimling explained that essentially, Zenoss utilizes NMAP for ICMP packet generation which is much more versatile than the normal ping command.

“We can use half-syn connections to verify if something is up or down without requiring an ICMP packet,” Strimling said. “Finally, Zenoss can do application specific port checks without needing to run netstat on the target.”


From an installation perspective, Zenoss Core 4 includes a new auto-deploy script that is intended to make it easier to install the system.

Making Zenoss Core 4 easier to install, will help us improve adoption of the technology and provide our development community with a growing set of users,” Strimling said.

Commercial Support

The Zenoss Core 4 release is only available as an open source solution and Zenoss does not provide commercial support for it. That said the Core release is the basis for Zenoss’ commercial solution called Zenoss Service Dynamics. Service Dynamics version 4.2.2 is set for release later this year and will leverage the innovations that Zenoss Core 4 is now introducing. The Service Dynamics product provides additional analytics and resource management capabilities.

“Many of our commercial customers gained experience and/or exposure to Zenoss via the open source product,” Strimling said.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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