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Open Source Networking in 2020: Dent Gets First Release, OPNFV Gets its Last Release

As the value of open source networking continues to grow, the Linux Foundation is moving forward with new efforts for 2021.

How Amazon is Trying to Improve Cloud Networking with SD WAN

During the AWS re:invent 2020 virtual conference, the public cloud giant announced a new service that every other cloud will now race to replicate.

Will Network Admins Disappear in an Automated Cloud Future?

IDC is the latest to predict that network admins will disappear in a future of artificial intelligence cloud infrastructure.

Service Mesh Offers Promising Solution for Cloud Native Networking

Service Mesh can be thought of as a next generation of Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the cloud. Here are the main approaches.

Why eBPF is the Future of Linux and Cloud Native Networking

After years of open development, Isovalent formally launches with $29M in funding for its eBPF-powered Cilium networking service.

AIOps Will Mean the End of Human Network Management

Networking is already incredibly complex. Once machine learning takes over, there will be no going back.

Home SD-WAN: Networking Vendor Responds to the Pandemic

SD-WAN projects have been shelved because of the huge increase in remote workers, but one vendor has a plan to revive the technology.

Why 5G Isn't Just For Carriers

The emergence of private 5G networks could change enterprise networking and enable more pervasive wireless connectivity.

BGP Security Efforts Aim to Protect Key Internet Protocol

The Border Gateway Protocol is a cornerstone of the internet, and recent efforts hope to make it more secure.

Top Networking CTOs See a Future of Distributed Apps and Microservices

CTOs from rival networking vendors Cisco, Juniper and HPE don't always agree so when they do, it's a good idea to take notice.

Ransomware: It's a Network Issue Too

Remote work, insiders, exfiltration and backup are making ransomware a network security issue too.

Is Network and Security Convergence Desirable?

Network security will be compromised without best of breed solutions.

Remote Work Could Boost SASE, Slow SD-WAN

The sudden surge in remote workers could boost secure access service edge (SASE) sales over SD-WAN.

Pandemic Budget Priorities: More Network Security Means Less Spending Elsewhere

The huge increase in home-based employees has created a need to secure network access, while falling revenues pressure budgets elsewhere, creating a dilemma for IT leaders.

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