Ten Business Uses for Your Apple iPad

Business uses for your Apple iPad that your boss will approve of.

 By Paul Mah
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Paul has written in the past about how you can increase your personal productivity with an additional monitor. Without repeating the arguments here, there are a number of apps that you can get for your iPad that will transform it into a wireless monitor to extend your display area. There are a few solutions available, though the one he recently purchased is the DisplayLink app, which in tandem with the company's free iPad client software, allows him to use the iPad as an 1024x768 monitor for his Windows 7 laptop with full Aero support.

Thinking of using the Apple iPad in your business this year?  Beyond the various considerations to deploying the iPad in your SMB, what actual roles could Apple's shiny tablet play in your company? This slideshow highlights 10 possible business uses for the Apple iPad.


This article was originally published on Sep 14, 2011
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