7 Best Antivirus Software for Enterprise and Business [2023]

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Given the increasing complexity and frequency of cyberattacks, antivirus software is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for modern businesses. These software systems are designed to provide superior protection against cyber threats, enhancing the safety and integrity of business data.

Choosing an appropriate enterprise antivirus solution for your business hinges on several key considerations. We delve into each of our top seven picks below, outlining the use cases, pricing, key features, pros, and cons of each solution.

Here are our top picks for enterprise antivirus software:

Top enterprise antivirus software comparison

Before investing in an enterprise antivirus solution, it’s essential to compare key features, pricing and scalability. The comparison table below lists seven top antivirus products, outlining key factors for consideration.

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Enterprise Antivirus Software Comprehensive malware protection Advanced threat detection Cloud-native endpoint security User-friendly interface Starting price
Malwarebytes for Business $4.96/mo. per device
Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security $77.69/yr for 3 devices
Symantec End-User Endpoint Security $39.00/yr per user
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Included in Microsoft 365 subscription at $36.00/mo. per user
CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection Platform $299.95/yr. for 5 devices 
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business $215.00/yr for 5 devices
Avast Business $39.21/yr per device

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Malwarebytes icon

Malwarebytes for Business

Best for comprehensive malware protection

Malwarebytes for Business is a widely trusted antivirus software solution recognized for its robust protection against various malware types, including ransomware and phishing scams. It offers an excellent selection of features tailored for businesses looking to secure their digital assets and operations.


  • Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection: Costs $4.96 per device per month for 10-99 devices. 
  • Malwarebytes Endpoint Detection and Response: Costs $6.02 per device per month for 10-99 devices.

Contact Malwarebytes for a quote for more than 100 devices on either plan.


  • Advanced malware detection and removal, ensuring a clean and secure system.
  • A real-time protection feature that guarantees immediate responses to threats, safeguarding businesses’ digital assets.
  • Centralized management dashboard, allowing for seamless control and monitoring.
  • With cloud-based management, it promotes flexibility and accessibility.


  • Comprehensive protection, dealing effectively with various types of malware.
  • The software is known for its ease of installation and use, saving time and effort for businesses.
  • Customer support is responsive and highly effective, ensuring swift resolution of issues.


  • The user interface could benefit from some enhancements to improve user experience.
  • The software feels more suited to small and medium businesses, lacking some features necessary for large enterprises.
Bitdefender icon

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security

Best for scalability

GravityZone Business Security is a reputable business antivirus software recognized for its prowess in detecting and mitigating advanced cyber threats as well as its prevention-based protection. With its machine learning (ML) algorithms, it offers continuous protection against emerging and sophisticated cyber threats.


  • GravityZone Business Security: Starts at $77.69 per year for a minimum of three devices.
  • GravityZone Business Security Premium: Starts at $286.99 per year for a minimum of five devices.
  • GravityZone Business Security Enterprise: Contact Bitdefender to discuss pricing options.


  • Advanced threat and anomaly detection, offering a proactive approach to security.
  • Integrated endpoint risk management, enabling a more comprehensive security approach.
  • Provides data protection and encryption, safeguarding sensitive business data.
  • Network attack defense system, mitigating potential network-based threats.


  • The software stands out for its superior threat detection capabilities, offering robust security.
  • Highly scalable, making it a great fit for growing businesses.
  • Deployment and management of the software are straightforward, allowing businesses to focus more on core operations.


  • Its user interface may feel less intuitive than competitors, posing a learning curve for new users.
Broadcom icon

Symantec End-User Endpoint Security

Best for large-scale enterprises

Symantec End-User Endpoint Security, now a part of Broadcom Inc., provides a sophisticated security solution crafted to meet the demands of large enterprises. With a wide array of advanced tools at all levels of the attack cycle from prevention to mitigation and response, it ensures robust and comprehensive security for all devices — including protection for mobile in addition to traditional devices.


Symantec does not publish any pricing information on their products, but resellers such as SHI list their Endpoint Protection solution at $39.00 per year per user.


  • Superior threat defense system that provides comprehensive protection for all phases of the attack lifecycle.
  • Includes an advanced threat-hunting tool with ML and expert analysis to enable proactive identification and mitigation of threats.
  • Real-time threat detection and mitigation ensure that threats are handled as they emerge.


  • Symantec provides robust protection for large-scale enterprises, meeting their extensive security demands.
  • A single cloud management console ensuring everything is managed in one place.
  • A comprehensive suite of tools is included for threat defense, offering a multifaceted approach to security.


  • The deployment of the software can be complex, requiring more time and expertise.
  • The pricing is not transparent and may be relatively steep for smaller businesses.
Microsoft icon

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Best for integration with the Microsoft ecosystem

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint is a robust enterprise antivirus solution that provides an additional layer of security for businesses within the Microsoft ecosystem. With comprehensive endpoint protection, it effectively counters a wide array of cybersecurity threats.


This service is included with Microsoft 365 enterprise plans starting at $36.00 per user per month, providing a value-added solution for subscribers.


  • Includes a post-breach detection tool, mitigating the impact of potential breaches.
  • Automated security investigations enhance productivity and efficiency in managing threats.
  • Threat and vulnerability management in real-time, enabling a proactive approach to cybersecurity.
  • Deep threat monitoring and analysis to detect and respond to advanced attacks.


  • Seamless integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, ensuring broad coverage and streamlined operations.
  • Automated investigations help to streamline security processes, reducing the need for manual intervention.
  • The software provides comprehensive endpoint protection, securing all connected devices.


  • Customization options for the software are relatively limited, potentially constraining advanced users.
  • The software may lack some advanced threat detection features available in specialized antivirus software.
  • Requires full Microsoft 365 subscription, so may not be suitable for organizations that prefer to tailor their own solutions.
CrowdStrike icon

CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection

Best for cloud-native endpoint security

CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Protection provides a cloud-native solution to endpoint security. It uses AI to proactively detect and mitigate threats, making it a prime choice for businesses seeking cutting-edge protection. The platform is characterized by extensibility and flexibility to ensure that its users’ vast security needs are met.


CrowdStrike Falcon offers four plans:

  • Falcon Go: Costs $299.95 per year for five devices for Falcon Next-Generation Antivirus and USB Device Control.
  • Falcon Pro: $499.95 per year for the above features plus Host Management Firewall and Threat Intelligence.
  • Falcon Elite: Contact CrowdStrike for Falcon Elite pricing.
  • Falcon Complete: Contact CrowdStrike for pricing information on the complete Falcon feature suite.


  • The software includes a next-gen antivirus, providing advanced protection against emerging threats.
  • Endpoint detection and response ensure comprehensive coverage of all network-connected devices.
  • The software offers device control and firewall management, providing granular control over security settings.


  • The platform’s cloud-native approach ensures scalability and accessibility, suiting businesses of varying sizes and types.
  • CrowdStrike’s software uses advanced techniques like AI for threat detection, offering superior protection.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to manage and control, reducing complexity.


  • While powerful, the software may require some technical knowledge to utilize fully.
  • More expensive than some other antivirus solutions.
Kaspersky icon

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Best for multilayered protection

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is an industry-leading antivirus software recognized for its comprehensive protection capabilities. It offers a well-rounded approach to endpoint security, combining conventional protection methods with advanced ML algorithms to detect and neutralize threats before they can compromise your systems. Kaspersky’s robustness and ability to guard against a wide array of cyberthreats make it an excellent choice for businesses looking for a single solution to cover all their security needs.


Kaspersky offers three plans for medium-sized businesses, with volume discounts for larger enterprise purchases.

  • Endpoint Security Cloud: $215.00 for five devices per year.
  • Endpoint Security Cloud Plus: $342.50 for five devices per year.
  • Endpoint Security Cloud Pro: $550.00 for five devices per year.


  • Powerful anti-malware protection.
  • Advanced threat detection to proactively mitigate risks.
  • Encryption and data protection tools.
  • Mobile device management for comprehensive coverage.


  • Kaspersky provides a multilayered approach to security, enhancing protection.
  • The software’s advanced threat detection and response mechanisms ensure a proactive security stance.
  • Its range of features ensures comprehensive protection across the business ecosystem.


  • Some users may find the interface complex.
  • As with other advanced solutions, the cost might be prohibitive for smaller businesses.
Avast icon

Avast Business

Best for SMBs

Avast Business is a robust solution specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a comprehensive suite of protection tools in a user-friendly package. Its all-in-one protection for SMBs ensures mission-critical data is secure while employees are protected.


  • Avast Small Office Protection: $139.99 for 10 devices per year.
  • Avast Essential Business Security: $39.21 per device per year.
  • Avast Premium Business Security: $49.81 per device per year.
  • Avast Ultimate Business Security: $60.41 per device per year.


  • Avast provides data shredding to securely and permanently delete sensitive data and render it irretrievable.
  • SecureLine VPN is included to encrypt internet connections.
  • The software offers a robust firewall to ward off attacks.
  • Identity protection to safeguard against data breaches.


  • The software is designed with SMBs in mind, meeting their specific needs.
  • Avast offers comprehensive protection tools in an easy-to-use interface.
  • The inclusion of a VPN provides an additional layer of online security.


  • Larger enterprises may find the feature set too limited.
  • Customer service, while generally good, may vary in responsiveness.

Key features of enterprise antivirus software

Selecting the best enterprise antivirus software requires a deep understanding of the key features that define these robust security solutions. Here are a few crucial components that businesses should prioritize when choosing their antivirus software, including malware protection, advanced threat detection, integration capabilities, and scalability.

Comprehensive malware protection

Comprehensive malware protection is a foundational feature of any reliable enterprise antivirus software. It not only scans for and removes known malware, such as viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, but also uses advanced heuristics to detect new and emerging malware threats.

This lets businesses maintain robust protection against a broad spectrum of malicious software, securing their crucial data and IT infrastructure.

Advanced threat detection

In addition to identifying known threats, the best enterprise antivirus software includes advanced threat detection capabilities. This feature employs sophisticated techniques such as ML, behavioral analysis, and threat intelligence feeds to identify previously unseen or zero-day threats.

Such proactive threat hunting allows businesses to thwart cyberattacks before they infiltrate their systems.

Cloud-native endpoint security

Cloud-native endpoint security is another pivotal feature that enables real-time, continuous protection of devices connected to your business network.

As businesses shift towards cloud computing and remote work environments, securing all endpoints — including servers, workstations, and mobile devices — becomes crucial. This feature ensures that every entry point to your network is well-protected, whether it’s located on-premises or in the cloud.

User-friendly interface

Even the most advanced antivirus solution needs to be user-friendly. A well-designed, intuitive interface allows IT teams to navigate the system effectively, perform tasks efficiently and respond promptly to security alerts.

Furthermore, this aids in easier management and monitoring of your business’s security posture, thereby minimizing the likelihood of overlooking critical security threats.

Integration capabilities

In many cases, antivirus software needs to work in conjunction with other security and business tools. Integration capabilities ensure that your antivirus solution can communicate with other software, enhancing visibility, improving response times and facilitating a more coordinated and effective security strategy.


As businesses evolve, so do their security needs. Scalability is an essential feature that ensures your enterprise antivirus software can adapt to changes in your business size, structure, or operational strategies.

A scalable solution can accommodate an increasing number of users and devices, handle more significant amounts of data, and adapt to new or expanded operational requirements, all while maintaining optimal performance and security.

Benefits of working with enterprise antivirus software

Working with top-tier enterprise antivirus software brings numerous benefits to businesses of all sizes. These powerful tools not only provide essential security coverage, but also deliver strategic value in a digitally-driven operational landscape.

Improved security posture

By leveraging advanced antivirus software, businesses significantly enhance their overall security posture. These solutions come equipped with robust features designed to detect, neutralize, and prevent a wide variety of cyberthreats.

From defending against ransomware and phishing attacks to detecting zero-day exploits, enterprise antivirus software helps create a secure digital environment for business operations.

Cost savings

Implementing effective business antivirus software can result in substantial cost savings over time. Cybersecurity incidents, such as data breaches, come with significant financial implications — including regulatory fines, remediation costs, and potential loss of business due to reputational damage.

By proactively protecting the enterprise with antivirus software, businesses can mitigate these risks and stay clear of the associated costs.

Enhanced productivity

Cybersecurity incidents can cause significant downtime, disrupting business operations and impacting productivity. Enterprise antivirus software helps prevent these disruptions by ensuring that threats are identified and handled before they can cause harm.

Furthermore, many of these solutions offer automated response features, freeing up IT staff to focus on strategic tasks instead of constant threat management.

Regulatory compliance

Many industries have stringent regulatory requirements related to data security. Having robust enterprise antivirus software can be a crucial element in maintaining compliance with these regulations. Such software not only provides the necessary security controls but also generates reports that can demonstrate compliance to auditors.

Scalability and flexibility

Most business antivirus software solutions offer scalable security measures that can grow with the business. Whether a business is expanding its workforce, incorporating more devices, or opening new locations, its antivirus software can adapt to these changes.

Additionally, businesses can tailor their antivirus solutions, choosing specific features and protections that best meet their needs and risk profile.

How do I choose the best antivirus software for my business?

Following five simple steps can help you streamline the search for the best antivirus software for your organization and significantly narrow the field.

  1. Understand your security needs: Start by identifying your business’s specific security requirements, which can include data types you handle, devices connected to your network, and your necessary compliance with security regulations. The size of your business also influences the extent of security solutions required.
  2. Prioritize key features: Evaluate each antivirus solution based on key features then choose a solution that aligns well with your business needs.
  3. Consider usability: Make sure your chosen antivirus software is user-friendly, offering an intuitive interface and accessible customer support. The complexity of a system shouldn’t hinder its operation.
  4. Assess scalability: Ensure that your antivirus solution can grow with your business, saving you from the future hassle of switching platforms. A scalable solution continues to serve as your business expands.
  5. Check reviews and reputation: Review user experiences and industry reports to understand the reputation of the antivirus software. Keep an eye out for regular user complaints or issues to help in your decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is enterprise antivirus software?

Enterprise antivirus software is a security tool that safeguards business networks and devices from cyberthreats. It offers extensive features beyond personal antivirus options.

Do all businesses need antivirus software?

Yes. All businesses, irrespective of size, need antivirus software to protect against increasing cyberattacks such as malware, ransomware, and phishing.

What does enterprise antivirus software protect against?

Enterprise antivirus software defends against various threats including viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, ransomware, and phishing. It also counters advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero-day threats.

How often should antivirus software be updated?

Antivirus software should be updated whenever new updates are released by the provider. These updates contain new threat definitions and enhancements for superior protection against the latest threats.

Can enterprise antivirus software protect remote workers?

Yes. Many enterprise antivirus solutions protect remote workers with features like VPNs, endpoint protection, and cloud-based management. Always verify these features with the provider.


Our selection of the top seven enterprise antivirus software for 2023 was based on evaluating each software’s features, such as comparing comprehensive malware protection, cloud-native endpoint security, and scalability.

User experience, including the ease of installation, user interface, customer support and user reviews, were also vital criteria in our review process.

We also assessed pricing and cost-effectiveness to produce a balanced, comprehensive guide to help you make an informed choice based on your needs and budget.

Bottom line: The best antivirus software for your business

Choosing the right enterprise antivirus software is crucial in today’s digital business landscape. Each software listed here offers robust protection, but the ideal one for you depends on the specific needs and budget of your business.

Evaluate your business requirements, consider the pricing and features of each solution, and choose the software that aligns best with your objectives.

Having an effective antivirus solution is critical — but don’t neglect your firewall. We reviewed the best firewall software, the best enterprise firewalls, and the best firewalls for SMBs to help you find the solution that works best for you.

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