iPad Traction Slow in Enterprise

A quarterly survey on adoption of the

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPad
in the enterprise by Benzinga shows the iPad is slowly gaining traction. It is speculated that adoption could become more meaningful over the next several years.
Also to note is that the report suggests that iPhone acceptance in the
enterprise as an improving OS should be a catalyst for the iPad.

“We expect enterprise functionality to continue to improve/evolve in newer versions of the operating system (iOS). iOS 4 included email and attachment encryption, multitasking, support for multiple Exchange boxes, SSL VPN support, remote device management, and distribution of enterprise applications bypassing iTunes. Cannibalization of traditional enterprise PCs still appears minimal – respondents expect only 4% (vs. prior 2%) of current PCs to be replaced by iPads, on average.”

Read the Full Story at Benzinga

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