Best Ransomware Recovery Services for 2023

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Ransomware is one of the most devastating cyber threats facing businesses today. It’s estimated that ransomware attacks cost global organizations $265 billion annually and will attack organizations, consumers, or devices every two seconds by 2031. With an increasing number of ransomware attacks, businesses and individuals must be prepared to recover their data and minimize the damage caused by an attack.

Achieving a 100% recovery rate from a ransomware attack is no mean feat, and that’s why selecting the right ransomware recovery service is critical. These services vary in price, effectiveness, and scope. 

To help you find the best option for your situation, we analyzed over 20 solutions and selected the top six ransomware recovery services for 2023. We considered factors such as customer support, backup and recovery capabilities, and cost to help you determine companies that balance affordability and quality service.

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6 top-rated ransomware recovery services for 2023

Ontrack logo

Ontrack: Best overall

Ontrack is a leading ransomware recovery service provider with over 40 global locations, 17 recovery labs, and nine data centers. It offers custom and proprietary solutions designed to recover data from ransomware-encrypted systems, virtual machines, backup files, and tapes.

Ontrack has four phases of the recovery process:

  1. Consultation: Free phone consultation with data recovery specialists.
  2. Evaluation: This is to determine the full extent of damage to your systems to identify recoverable files.
  3. Recovery: Ontrack data recovery engineers and specialists carry out the recovery operation.
  4. Delivery: Once your data has been recovered successfully, it is delivered to you remotely on encrypted media.

Key services

  • Full tape backup recovery support, such as LTO, DLT, and Veeam specific tools, including deleted and encrypted files, with several backup formats, including commvault, TSM, and networker.
  • Virtual disk repair, database repair, and backup file repair.
  • Data recovery from various devices, including laptops and desktops, servers, external hard drives, phones and tablets, solid state drives (SSDs), RAID, and SD cards.
  • Free consultation on data recovery and precautionary advice to prevent future occurrence.


  • Access to an expert team 24/7.
  • Offers over 130 decrypters.
  • Customer portal to enable you to keep track of your data recovery process.
  • High-speed processing.


  • Lacks transparent pricing.
  • Data recovery may take up to 10 days or more.


To get started with data recovery through Ontrack, fill out a short questionnaire on their website, or call them directly.

BeforeCrypt logo

BeforeCrypt: Best for fast decryption

BeforeCrypt is a Europe-based ransomware recovery and decryption service. With over 1,000 successful ransomware recoveries, the company offers fast data decryption and expert assistance 24/7.

BeforeCrypt has four steps of an incident response plan:

  1. Evaluation: It evaluates your systems to assess your company’s risks.
  2. Preparation: It creates a customized ransomware disaster recovery plan.
  3. Recovery: It identifies the ransomware variants and commences the recovery process; it may also conduct a professional ransom negotiation, pay the ransom, and proceed to decrypt your systems.
  4. Report: BeforeCrypt submits incidents for law enforcement and insurance.

Key services

  • Insurance documentation.
  • IT support for removal, remediation, and recovery.
  • Legal compliance and reporting to law enforcement.
  • Ransomware negotiations, ransom settlement, and payments.
  • Cybersecurity diagnostics and digital forensics.
  • GDPR-compliance check and reporting.
  • Best-practice security recommendations to avoid reinfection.


  • 24/7 free situation assessments.
  • Fast decryption.
  • Free analysis of encrypted data.
  • 48 hours average recovery time.


  • Doesn’t indicate rates on its website.


Pricing for BeforeCrypt is provided following an initial analysis and consultation. logo Best for data recovery (formerly ESS Data Recovery) is a leading ransomware recovery service provider founded in 1997. It specializes in providing solutions for recovering lost data from ransomware attacks.’s expert team of security professionals are experienced in dealing with various types of data loss scenarios and operate on a “no-data, no-pay” policy.

Additionally, has 24/7 customer support to help you with any questions or concerns you might have throughout the process.

​​Key services

  • Covers hard drive data, RAID, tape, NAS, and VMware recovery as well as other data loss situations, including water, flood, and fire damages.
  • Case assessment via a engineer to determine the safest recoverability technique.
  • Determines whether there is a decryption key for your data or creates a new one for you.
  • Restores and recovers files infected by ransomware variants like SamSam, Cerber, Locky, CryptoLocker, TorrentLocker, HDDCryptor, and more.


  • No charge if data isn’t recovered.
  • 97% data recovery success rate.
  • Available 24/7.
  • Four labs in Illinois, California, Arizona, and Ontario, Canada.


  • Some customers reported that service is pricey.


This is a quote-based service. Contact for custom rates.

MonsterCloud logo

MonsterCloud: Best for file recovery

MonsterCloud is a managed cybersecurity service provider that offers ransomware recovery, remediation and prevention services. It’s known for its high success rate (97.4% within 24-48 hours) when it comes to ransomware attack recoveries.

MonsterCloud’s team comprises highly trained security experts who can identify threats quickly and implement their processes to get your data back. Plus, MonsterCloud offers 24/7 customer support to ensure any questions you may have are answered quickly.

MonsterCloud doesn’t charge for unsuccessful ransomware removal attempts and even pays small and midsize businesses $500 for lost time.

​​Key services

  • Ransomware, malware, and virus protection for desktops and servers with real-time alerts and notifications.
  • Recovery for lost, damaged, encrypted, or ransomware-infected files.
  • Strong expertise with various ransomware variants, including Clop, Conti, DarkSide, Revil/Sodinokibi, LockBit, Darkside, ALPHV/BlackCat, Hive, Vice Society, Zeppelin, ARCrypter, RansomHouse, Play, Cuba, and Ragnar Locker.
  • Offers $500 to small and midsize businesses if the ransomware removal process is unsuccessful.



  • It could be pricey, depending on the severity of the attack.


MonsterCloud’s starting price for small and midsize businesses is $799 per case. Enterprise pricing is available on request.

Proven Data logo

Proven Data: Best for ransomware removal

Founded in 2011, Proven Data is a cybersecurity company that specializes in data recovery, digital forensics, and ransomware recovery services. The company has a 98% success rate, with over 2,000 resolved ransomware cases and 3,000 data recovery cases.

Proven Data can help recover data from various loss scenarios and devices, including RAID recovery, SSD drive recovery, server data recovery, and ransomware recovery.

​​Key services

  • Digital forensics services.
  • Experience recovering from various ransomware strains, including Conti, Hermes, GandCrab, Krab, Sodinokibi, Nemesis, Ryuk, Makop, Phobos, and Dharma.
  • Modification of poorly functioning or non-functioning decrypters.


  • 98% success rate.
  • Over 2,000 successful cases.
  • No charge for an unsuccessful attempt.
  • Available 24/7.


  • Doesn’t offer a free evaluation.
  • Limited availability for standard evaluation.


Proven Data’s pricing varies depending on what evaluation type your company needs:

  • Standard Evaluation: $397 for an evaluation that could take four to six hours between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST.
  • Emergency Evaluation: $997 for an evaluation at any time; available 24/7.

Following the evaluation, Proven Data charges between $1,650 to $7,000 on average for ransomware recovery services. Your actual rate will depend on various factors, including the number of encrypted systems, ransom risk, speed of service, and ransom demand.

Alvaka logo

Alvaka Networks: Best for system rebuild

Alvaka Networks is a company that specializes in backup, disaster recovery, network management, business continuity, and data protection services. Its Ransomware RESCUE Kit (Response for Emergency Security and Comprehensive Utilities for Engineering) is a tool designed to help ransomware victims recover and rebuild their servers and workstations.

Alvaka Networks also offers consulting and training services to help companies implement the right security measures and best practices for ransomware protection.

​​Key services

  • Ransomware RESCUE kit for workstation and server rebuild and recovery.
  • Data recovery and remediation services.
  • Active directory repair.
  • Network security and performance monitoring.
  • Backup and restore services.
  • Network segmentation.
  • Decryption assistance service.
  • Hybrid infrastructure monitoring.


  • Available 24/7.
  • Firewall management.
  • Multifactor authentication.
  • Software security patching.


  • Lacks transparent pricing.


Alvaka Networks doesn’t advertise rates on its site. Potential buyers can contact Alvaka Networks for custom quotes.

Choosing the right ransomware recovery service for you

When shopping for the best ransomware recovery services, keep in mind that the best provider for you depends on your enterprise’s needs and preferences. While there are a few different vendors on the market, not all of them will be a good fit for every business. Here are some tips to help you choose the right ransomware recovery service for you.

Service provider’s reputation

Before signing up for any ransomware recovery service, do your research, and ensure the service has a good reputation. Read online reviews and customer testimonials to get a better idea of their track record and what previous customers think of the service.


You’ll want to ensure you are dealing with experts who understand the ins and outs of ransomware. Look for a service with a team of experienced professionals who can help you recover your data quickly and effectively.

Consider the cost

Different ransomware recovery services will have different costs associated with them. Compare the costs across various providers, and select one that fits within your budget. Although you may not have time during a ransomware attack to compare a broad range of quotes the way you would for another software solution, it’s still worth trying to look at a few options, since pricing can vary quite a bit. 

Ask for a guarantee

Many ransomware recovery services offer a guarantee that they will not charge if they are unsuccessful. Look for a service that offers a money-back guarantee if they cannot recover some or all of your data.


Depending on the complexity of the ransomware, it can take a significant time to recover your data. Make sure you look for a service that can complete the recovery process within a reasonable period to minimize downtime.

Bottom line: Protect your business with ransomware recovery

Ransomware recovery services can be a lifesaver for businesses that experience data loss after an attack or encryption. However, each provider has its own strengths and weaknesses, hence the importance of shopping around and comparing providers before making a choice. Our analysis of the best service will help you narrow down your search and help you find the best service for your organization’s needs.

Learn how to protect yourself from ransomware with our complete guide to ransomware protection, backup, and recovery. And don’t forget to have a ransomware response plan prepared ahead of time.

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