FaceTime Offers SaaS Version of Unified Security Gateway

Socialite technology provides controls for what can and cannot be posted on social media sites.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Aug 18, 2010
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A recent story by Infosecurity.com reported that a SaaS version of Socialite is now available. This software helps companies monitor and set controls for social media sites to address security, compliance, and management needs and concerns. The program works with more than 1,000 social networks and can control close to 100 user activities.

"'The control and management of collaborative communications is now a priority for many organizations as they struggle to come to grips with tightening regulatory and compliance standards, particularly in the financial services sector,' he added. "According to Sears, Socialite addresses these challenges by offering comprehensive control and management over the wide variety of social media channels, integrating seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures."

Read the Full Story at Infosecurity.com

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