IPv6: Lessons Learned From the Navy

The Navy is ahead of the game as the Defense Department converts to the IP Version 6 (IPv6) protocol.

By Enterprise Networking Planet Staff | Posted Aug 19, 2010
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Federal Computer Week reports that while many government organizations and businesses have yet to make the transition to IPv6, the Navy has been using it for years. It's believed that the Navy's experience with IPv6 will save other sections of the Defense Department a substantial amount of work when they begin deploying this protocol. Much has been learned about compatibility, conversion cost minimization, and security issues as a result of the Navy's early implementation of IPv6.

"Changing over to the new protocol will affect the entire global Internet and its underlying infrastructure. Broersma said many organizations will probably wait until the last minute before they begin to transition. 'There’s really no near term-incentive to doing the transition. You’re not suddenly going to get to some Web sites you couldn’t get to before,' he said. "For many agencies and companies, the transition will require them to operate both protocols, necessitating the use of translation software to operate between the old and new Internets because the two protocols do not interoperate. 'They operate over the same wires, but they can’t talk directly to each other,' he said."

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