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What is the Future of Ethernet? [VIDEO]

400 Gigabit Ethernet, connected cars and the Internet of Things are all on the horizon for the next generation of networking.

Interop: Ethernet Alliance Demos Interoperability [VIDEO]

Ethernet Alliance demonstrates interoperability of multiple standards across vendors in video interview.

Review: Fluke Visual TruView 9.0

Visual TruView 9.0 network diagnostics tool brings improved usability and deep integration with the company’s OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet.

Interop: What's Driving SDN Today?

OpenFlow still tops the list for deployment options but that could be changing.

Cisco Clarifies SDN Controller Positioning and OpenDaylight Participation

What role does OpenDaylight play in Cisco's go to market efforts for SDN?

ONS 2014 Keynote: Openness is Everything

Dan Pitt of the Open Networking Foundation makes an announcement, and ONS 2014 keynote speakers make the case for open source SDN.

Open Networking Summit Chair Guru Parulkar Defines SDN

Not all those vendors claiming to do Software Defined Networking are actually doing it.

802.11n vs. 802.11ac: Which Wireless Will Work for You?

From 802.11n to 802.11ac, enterprises have more Wi-Fi choices than ever.

Citrix Extends CloudBridge

The top-end 2000WS-050 appliance has an optimized WAN capacity of 50 Mbps and can handle a total of 20,000 TCP sessions.

Wireless in the Warehouse

Warehouse environments pose unique challenges for Wi-Fi connectivity. Here are some of those challenges—and some benefits.

Connecting the Big Games

The San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos talk stadium connectivity for the increasingly wired future.

IPv6 Traffic and Global Internet Connection Speeds on the Rise

Akamai's latest State of the Internet report reveals a continued rise in broadband connection speeds and offers insight into IPv6 adoption.

Cisco Bridges the Cloud and Extends ACI to the Enterprise

ACI comes to campus and branch, while InterCloud router aims to enable a new era of hybrid cloud portability.

Ethernet Alliance Formalizes Power over Ethernet Efforts

Ethernet Alliance chairman John D'Ambrosia talks about the Ethernet Alliance's new PoE subcommittee and how Ethernet is connecting the future.

2014: The Year of SDN Interoperability?

As software defined networking gains legitimacy, the focus turns to interoperability. What are vendors doing to ensure it, and where is SDN interoperability headed?

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