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Global Internet Traffic On Track To Hit 4.8 Zettabytes by 2022

The volume of data, voice and video traffic going across networks continues to escalate exponentially, according to Cisco's latest Visual Networking Index (VNI) report.

How AT&T Is Using OpenStack to Deploy 5G Networks

At the OpenStack Summit, AT&T demonstrates how it is using the open source OpenStack cloud to enable 5G.

400 GbE Moving Forward to Enable Terabit Networking Future

Interoperable standardized 400 GbE technology is being demonstrated at the European Conference on Optical Communication.

Domain Name Registrations Reach 333.8 Million in 1Q18

Dot com continues to dominate as new generic Top Level Domain registrations fall, according to VeriSign's Domain Name Industry Brief.

IPv6 Adoption Still Not Dominant, Seven Years After Last IPv4 Address Blocks Allocated

While IPv6 still isn't the majority of Internet traffic, it is now growing at a fast pace.

Cumulus Networks Continues to Build on Linux to Enable Next Generation Networking

VIDEO: JR Rivers, co-founder and CTO of Cumulus Networks details the evolution of his Linux-based networking company.

Wireless Mesh Gets Certified as Wi-Fi EasyMesh

Wi-Fi Alliance aims to bring order and interoperability to the wireless mesh landscape.

Why Verizon's CEO is Bullish on 5G

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam thinks that 5G will usher in the fourth industrial revolution.

Ethernet Switch Networking Market Surges Forward in 2017 to $25B

Latest market stats confirm that 2017 was the best year since 2010 for networking - what has changed and why is the networking market growing again?

ONF Announces Stratum Project to Redefine SDN

Google donates code to help seed new Open Networking Foundation project, already backed by 23 vendors.

Cisco Brings Analytics to SD-WAN Deployments

Cisco expands the capabilities of its' Viptela platform to deliver insights on SD-WAN.

WLAN Market Grows to $5.7B in 2017

802.11ac now dominates port shipments and revenues, though though consumer adopting lags behind enterprise.

Virtual Radio Access Network VRAN Efforts Accelerate at MWC 18

Cisco joins with Red Hat, Intel and others to advance a new effort that will enable 5G.

Linux Foundation Creates New Umbrella LF Networking Fund for Open-Source Networking Projects

New group will provide overall governance, marketing and some shared infrastructure to some of the most popular open-source networking projects currently in use.

What is the Future of Wi-Fi?

New standards including 802.11ax and WiGig could make wireless connectivity easier and faster than ever before.

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