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2550100 Alliance Launches

Yet another industry group takes shape to push Ethernet forward.

Global Average Internet Connection Speed Nudges Upward to 4.5 Mbps

Broadband Internet speeds continue to rise, according to the fourth quarter Akamai State of the Internet report.

Opinion: The FTC's IoT Power Grab

A recent Federal Trade Commission report on data stewardship issues related to the Internet of Things is effectively a political power play.

Cumulus Networks Submits APD Spec to OCP

Newly submitted to the Open Compute Project, Cumulus Networks specification could enable better operating system integration with bare metal switches.

Dell Helps to Advance Switch Abstraction Interface

New Open Compute Project initiative could help to further democratize networking landscape.

VeloCloud Advances Software Defined WAN Vision

The public Internet might not be business-grade, but SD-WAN can improve it.

Cisco Embraces VXLAN with BGP-EVPN

Even as Cisco continues to push forward with its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) effort, it is still providing alternatives to users.

Mobile Data Traffic Set to Hit 292 Exabytes by 2019

New Cisco Visual Networking Index forecasts growing mobile data use trends for the next five years.

Broadband Redefined by the FCC

25 Mbps is now the baseline for what is considered broadband speed in the U.S.

Broadband Adoption Growth Rate Slows in 3Q14

IPv6 adoption continues, and global average connection speed to the Internet now stands at 4.5 Mbps.

Ethernet in 2015: Embracing Diversity

John D’Ambrosia looks back at Ethernet development in 2014 and forward to what will keep the Ethernet Alliance and IEEE busy in 2015.

Ethernet Alliance Gives Its Views on 2.5 and 25 Gbps Ethernet

John D'Ambrosia says that Ethernet is no longer about making 10x leaps, talks 2.5 and 25 GbE.

2.5 and 5 Gbps Ethernet Efforts Expand with MGBASE-T Alliance

MGBASE-T Alliance members reveal their effort to advance intermediate Ethernet networking speeds.

Why 2.5 and 5 Gbps are the Next Ethernet Speeds

New NBASE-T Alliance pushes for intermediate 2.5 Gbps and 5 Gbps Ethernet standards.

Meru Puts SDN Spin on the WLAN with Meru Center and App Store

Wi-Fi vendor announces Meru Center and Meru App Store for easier deployment of wireless networking and SDN applications in the WLAN.

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