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ARIN's Free Pool of IPv4 Address is Done

With the final block of IPv4 addresses issued, is it finally time to move to IPv6?

WiFi at 25 Races Ahead with 802.11ax

The next big thing for the WiFi specification is still years away, but will add significant performance.

Verizon Embraces Cisco for Managed SD-WAN Service

Though there is still money to be made in MPLS, customer demand is driving a need for SD-WAN.

AllSeen Alliance Expands Membership for IoT Efforts

Linux Foundation Collaborative Internet of Things Project announces 13 new members, including IBM and Pivotal.

25 Gigabit Ethernet Port Shipments Set to Grow

10 Gigabit Ethernet still dominates and will for years to come, but 25 GbE is rising.

Domain Names Top 294 Million in 2015

Demand for Top Level Domains continues to grow in 2015, and new types of TLD expand their footprint.

Breathe New Life into Your WLAN

New technologies improve enterprise WLAN performance and prepare Wi-Fi networks for the demands of the Internet of Things future.

The Challenges of IoT Addressing

Identifying each connected device on the Internet of Things may not be as overwhelming as it sounds.

Internet Traffic Set to Hit 2 Zettabytes by 2019

Cisco once again is predicting increasing growth for Internet traffic.

CloudGenix Raises $25 Million for SD-WAN [VIDEO]

Kumar Ramachandran, CEO of CloudGenix, discusses the promise and the opportunity of SD-WAN.

Interop 2015: The IPv4 Address Resale Market [VIDEO]

As the freely available pool of IPv4 address space dwindles to zero, a new aftermarket has emerged to buy and sell IPv4 addresses.

Interop 2015: NBASE-T Alliance Demos 2.5 and 5 Gbps Ethernet [VIDEO]

Ethernet effort already has pre-standard working interoperability across multiple vendors.

2550100 Alliance Launches

Yet another industry group takes shape to push Ethernet forward.

Global Average Internet Connection Speed Nudges Upward to 4.5 Mbps

Broadband Internet speeds continue to rise, according to the fourth quarter Akamai State of the Internet report.

Opinion: The FTC's IoT Power Grab

A recent Federal Trade Commission report on data stewardship issues related to the Internet of Things is effectively a political power play.

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