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NBASE-T Alliance Demonstrates Real 2.5/5Gbps Interoperability [VIDEO]

Existing Cat5e and Cat6 cabling gets a boost with 2.5 and 5 Gbps speeds thanks to NBASE-T Alliance efforts.

Interop: Ethernet Alliance Advancing Ethernet Ubiquity [VIDEO]

There has never been a better time to bet on Ethernet.

Where Open Source and Standards Intersect

ONS panel discusses ways to bridge the gap between open-source and standards.

AT&T to Virtualize 75 Percent of its Network by 2020

At the Open Networking Summit, AT&T details how it is virtualizing its network to meet exponential traffic demand growth.

IPv6 Lands on Consumer Edge Routers [PODCAST]

First round of devices to get the official IPv6 Ready CE Router Logo debut as challenges remain for broader IPv6 adoption.

IPv6 Usage Set to Grow in 2016

IPv4 isn't quite dead yet, but IPv6 is now strongly into double digit usage, at least on mobile.

Internet Domains Hit 299 Million

Almost 300 million domain names now exist across all Top Level Domains, though growth isn't evenly spread.

IEEE 802.11ah Wi-Fi HaLow Emerges for IoT

Though not yet officially a standard, Wi-Fi Alliance is now pushing low-power Internet of Things approach.

U.S. Broadband Speeds Accelerate

New FCC report is optimistic about American broadband Internet technologies.

Average Internet Connection Speeds Up Worldwide

Akamai State of the Internet report shows continued connection speed increases, highlights IPv6 traffic.

Ethernet Switch Market Grows to $6.1 Billion in 3Q15

40 Gigabit Ethernet revenue growth now outpacing 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

ARIN's Free Pool of IPv4 Address is Done

With the final block of IPv4 addresses issued, is it finally time to move to IPv6?

WiFi at 25 Races Ahead with 802.11ax

The next big thing for the WiFi specification is still years away, but will add significant performance.

Verizon Embraces Cisco for Managed SD-WAN Service

Though there is still money to be made in MPLS, customer demand is driving a need for SD-WAN.

AllSeen Alliance Expands Membership for IoT Efforts

Linux Foundation Collaborative Internet of Things Project announces 13 new members, including IBM and Pivotal.

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