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Editor's Note: ENP Research Center Launches

Our Research Center provides busy IT decision-makers with a one-stop shop for networking research and resources.

Patchy Patching: IT Pet Peeves, Part 4

Poor patching practices top our list of IT pet peeves, and for good reason. They lead to massive security risks.

VMworld 2014: Protecting Network Admin Jobs in the Age of SDN

Cloud, network virtualization, and SDN are changing the enterprise's expectations of network admins. Netadmins must change, too.

Brocade CEO Aims to Grow Faster than Cisco in Developing Markets

Brocade CEO Lloyd Carney delivers third quarter fiscal 2014 earnings results, takes a jab at Cisco products.

5 Network Management Projects for Slow Periods

Network management can be overwhelming. Here are some ways admins can take advantage of slow periods to make their jobs easier.

Cisco Cuts Jobs, Paints Glum First Quarter Outlook

Though some areas are growing, Cisco isn't forecasting much overall growth for the quarter ahead.

End User Goofs and Who's to Blame: Top 10 IT Pet Peeves, Part 3

End users are guilty of committing several IT pet peeves, but whose fault is that? Let's talk servers in sinks and temps with admin access.

Review: PRTG Network Monitor v14 Simplifies Network Management

Version 14 of Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor eschews complexity for simplicity and almost makes network management fun.

Disorganized Datacenters and Bad GUI: Top 10 IT Pet Peeves, Part 2

What drives network engineers mad? Let's talk about bad cable management and worse GUIs.

Top 10 IT Pet Peeves, Part 1

What common mistakes make life harder in the IT trenches? Joe Stanganelli investigates.

Inside Juniper's Integrated Operating Plan to Drive Growth

Juniper is in the process of re-focusing on a number of key areas, including SDN.

Riverbed Aims to Build ADC Appliance, Grow Multi-Product Strategy

Riverbed reports second quarter revenue and plans for an appliance version of its ADC software platform.

VPS Hosting: The Ins and Outs

Is Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting right for your needs? Julie Knudson explores the pros, cons, and use cases.

Extreme Networks CEO Plots Plan for Growth [VIDEO]

Charles Berger explains how Enterasys, SDN and the cloud will help his company to grow.

Cisco Acquires Tail-f for $175 Million

Cisco picks up network orchestration technology vendor to aid with Internet of Things and NFV.

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